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My parents don’t understand me!

I am so upset Disha. I feel like I should just leave my house. My parents don’t understand me at all. They have to oppose whatever I say, and always say no! I am very tense because of this. How can I navigate this tough situation at home? Aman, 13, Ludhiana.

Struggle is very real

Ohooo this is something every teenager feels. Be it a song, a movie or even a meme. I mean how many times have your parents walked in on you watching a totally appropriate and innocent show just when it has that ONE kissing scene? I tell you the struggle is very REAL.

But maybe it’s not their fault? We all know the major generation gap that exists between our parents and us. The music was subtle, the movies were different, and almost everything was totally alag! Plus so many things which were considered taboo in their generation have been normalised now and everybody takes a little time to adjust so spare them some bro! I know it gets frustrating but it’s not TOTALLY their fault either.

New concepts for them

So first toh try and familiarise them with the new age concepts. But slowly. Don’t just bombard them with everything. Maybe start with some music or some movies they might like. And don’t worry even if it’s not their thing, this can just be a way of letting them know that there’s nothing wrong with it. 

Trust me bhai this has actually worked for me. My mom used to get so irritated with my music and now she even recognises my favourite artists! So basically they just need some time to get used to it. 

Trusted adult to the rescue? 

And if you still feel like they don’t listen, try talking to some trusted adult who will. It’s important to talk about things that are bothering you instead of bottling them up inside. Maybe a relative or your sibling can help your parents understand you better.

And even if they don’t, just remember they don’t need to like it in order to respect your taste. So sit and talk to them and try to explain that these changes are inevitable with time. So the MAJOR takeaway and medicine to this teenage bimari is time and baatcheet. Just talk to them about the changing concepts and give them time to adjust simultaneously. And it will get better.

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