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  • Puberty: It’s that time!

    Team TeenBook | On 21-05-2020
    Puberty is a time when physical and emotional changes begin to take place in the body, to begin the transition from childhood to adulthood. Aarav and Sara have some confusion too. Do you have the same questions? Let’s understand more about it. What’s going on? You know, over the last few days, whenever I see Continue reading...
  • Growth hormones: All you need to know

    madan | On 21-05-2020
    In this edition of Science Lab, we talk about two special hormones that help us grow from kids to adults. Also known as the growth hormones, their names are quite the tongue twisters – Testosterone and Estrogen! The ‘snapchat’ in our bodies Did you know that the human body has its own messaging system? Yes, Continue reading...