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Why TeenBook?

Dear Parents and Educators

Think of a time when your child was bullied for stammering or when a child in your class had a difficult time fitting in with other children; or when your child came back home sad because of an episode in school. Maybe it was a fall out with a friend or a situation where a child felt unhappy about his/her looks?

We know that our children will be exposed to a lot of experiences in life, both good and bad. As parents, as educators and as trusted adults, we need to be able to acknowledge and understand these situations and help in any way we can. Chances are you’re already doing a lot to support your child in these situations, but you may need support with resources or advice that you can turn to if you’re interested in learning and doing more.

Therefore, we bring to you TeenBook  – a safe space and India’s first comprehensive and dynamic digital resource hub for teenagers, parents and educators to access information and learn the most important life skills that can go a long way in helping children have a more affirmative approach towards their own identity and understanding healthy choices, managing emotions, navigating relationships, understanding consent, working effectively with others and taking responsible decisions.

Finally, many of you often ask us what is the right age to introduce children to TeenBook. While TeenBook resources have been developed for a 13+ audience, we believe in evolving capacities of children and hence need for information.

This means that at any given age, some children will be more mature and experienced than others and hence ready to explore TeenBook, let’s say as early as 10, while others may like to visit us only in their late teens. Context, personal circumstances and choices will influence each adolescent’s readiness and responsiveness to TeenBook or life skills in general.

With young adolescents/pre-teens (10-12), parents and educators may choose to read the content themselves and share what they feel is relevant and appropriate for their wards.

At TeenBook, we invite you to contribute as a parent, as an educator and as a trusted adult. Join the TeenBook community to share your questions, feedback, concerns and insights. And if you are keen on writing for TeenBook, email you resume at – teenbook@devcons.org or let us know here
Team TeenBook