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  • How can I make my crush like me?

    Disha | On 07-10-2020
    Hey Disha! I have a huge crush on a cute guy in my class. How can I make him my boyfriend? Can you give me some tips? Prisha, 16, Ludhiana. No shortcuts! Prisha yaar! You know what – I am a huge fan of BTS, I am good at studies, my teachers adore me, my Continue reading...
  • Crush and more: The new feelings

    Team TeenBook | On 01-06-2020
    Aarav, Sara and their friends are getting a new rush of feelings – exciting, happy and also complicated. You too, and need help? We’ve got it for you here. Read on. Bubbles and butterflies You know while rushing to the Math class today (I was super late!), I dropped my books on the floor. Just Continue reading...
  • I think about her the whole day!

    Nehaa Singh | On 22-05-2020
    Kartik (13) has been feeling a bit different lately, confused and frankly at times ‘weirded out’. How could he like Jiya in ‘that way’? He’s known her for five years and until some time ago she was a friend. But now she has become special and Kartik keeps thinking about her. Why is this happening? Continue reading...