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This is your space and we are inviting teenagers, parents and educators to contribute to TeenBook and get your work featured.

If you are interested, please fill the form below:


Write For Us


What topics can I write on?

You can write on any issue that impacts the life of a teenager. We are looking forward to personal stories, experiences at home, school and social fronts. At TeenBook we cover issues related to Growing Up, Our Bodies, Relationships, Diversity, Stress Management, Being Online, Current Events Relevant To Teen Life. Please check the Teen Guides for more information on topics covered at TeenBook. 

Please pitch your idea (a 100 word summary)  through the Google form and write the fuller piece once you receive go-ahead from a TeenBook editor on your email. 

Is age a bar?

No, all adolescents (10-19), teen parents and educators are welcome to write for TeenBook. For adolescents under 18, we will need a written permission from the parents. 

How will your work be published?

Your work will be reviewed by the TeenBook editors. If found suitable for publishing on TeenBook platforms, it will be published on the website after seeking confirmation from you. If the content is not relevant or suitable for our website, the editors will provide you feedback.  

What do we look for in a contributory author?

We are looking for personal experiences and accounts of teen life experienced as a teenager, teen parents and educators. First person accounts with details of your experience, thoughts and feelings are important. Please also remember that you are writing to engage an audience, so what you write must be interesting, with good quality language, spell-checked and proofread. Our editors will help but a good first copy makes a good first impression! 

Can I share what I write with my peers?

Yes, with their consent and permission. We can publish with joint bylines. 

How long should an article be?

Our preferred length is 500-700 words.