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  • Big or small: should breast size matter?

    Team TeenBook | On 30-09-2022
    Sia, 15, was surprised when she overheard two girls talking in her class that they want to wear padded bras because their breasts are too small. And here she was, always trying to wear loose-fitted tees and walking hunched because she thought her breasts were too big! What is the correct breast size? And does Continue reading...
  • My friend never pays attention to what I say

    Disha | On 06-09-2022
    Hey Disha, my friend Shagun (and even a few others I am close to) never pay attention to what I have to say, like ever. I listen to all her problems, cribs and also her rants. But when it comes to sharing my problems with her, she just seems so disinterested! I feel so neglected. Continue reading...
  • Who discovered adolescence?

    Umeza Peera | On 09-08-2022
    Did you know that adolescence was first discovered by American psychologist G.Stanley Hall as a distinct phase of human growth? Hall, also known as the father of Adolescents Psychology, uncovered many interesting facts about teenagers that still hold so relevant 100 years on! Let’s dive right in. The word “adolescence”  first came into prevalence in Continue reading...
  • Growing up: All you need to know

    Team Teenbook | On 15-05-2020
    Hair, height and more Hey! My name is Aarav. I live in Ranchi and I am in Grade 8. Over the last few weeks, I have been noticing tiny hair on my chin. Papa tells me this is the first sign of Growing Up – when children begin to develop into adults. I am quite Continue reading...