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Big or small: should breast size matter?

Sia, 15, was surprised when she overheard two girls talking in her class that they want to wear padded bras because their breasts are too small. And here she was, always trying to wear loose-fitted tees and walking hunched because she thought her breasts were too big! What is the correct breast size? And does it matter? If that’s puzzling you too, let’s get solving. 

Hello, breasts! 

Most girls notice that their bodies start to change anywhere between the age of 9 and 16. Some girls start and end puberty earlier than others. During puberty, your breasts become bigger and start growing. It can start when you’re as young as eight, but might not begin until you’re thirteen.

Before we proceed, do check out this wondering video on breast size: 

The growth of breasts is a part of the development of our reproductive organs. Breasts are the source of milk, which a newborn feeds on. Thus they are mainly made up of glands that produce milk, which is joined to the nipple by tubes. The glands are surrounded by fatty tissue. 

Each month, hormones get your breasts ready for pregnancy. They get a bit larger and more sensitive. After your period they go back to their usual size and shape.

Breasts come in all shapes and sizes. Nipples also vary a lot, both in size and colour. Often breasts are uneven in size or shape. Around the age of 20, the difference usually begins to even out. Every woman’s breasts are a bit different.

Does size matter? 

Some girls feel unhappy about their breasts size. They wish they were bigger or smaller or firmer. The size or shape of your breasts has nothing to do with their sensitivity: small breasts are just as sensitive as big ones.

Yes, they make a difference to your appearance but this does not mean that either bigger or smaller is better for your appearance. It is your body and each body has a unique shape. So big or small, they have been made for you, to fit your body. 

Your breasts – their shape and size – are determined by your genes. The shape is also influenced by the surrounding muscles. According to the World Population Review, the average cup size for India is A. 

You may notice your breasts get bigger or smaller if you put on or lose weight. The breast size can also slightly vary depending on the time of the month. 

Can I increase breast size? 

There is no proof that any exercises can make your breasts grow bigger, and indeed no proof that creams or sprays can do it. The only possibility is plastic surgery – you can have your breasts enlarged or reduced artificially. It is usually recommended for women who suffer back aches because of their breast size. Although, some others get the surgery purely for a change in appearance.

Hair on my breasts, is it normal?

Yes. Almost all girls have some hair on their breasts from very light, fine fuzz to stray hairs near their nipple region or in-between the breasts.

If you want to get rid of the hair, plucking is the best option for a few stray hairs. Dip your tweezers in some rubbing alcohol to disinfect them and pluck each hair. You can wipe your skin with rubbing alcohol to prevent infection and smooth on some moisturizing lotion. Shaving can cause ingrown hairs.

If you have lots of hair, you can try to wax the area, but it is better to use a depilatory cream. Waxing may burn your skin, and unless you exfoliate, you can also get ingrown hairs.

Photo: Shutterstock/Bearphotos/Persons in the photo are models and their names have been changed. 

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