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My friends make fun of my clothes

My friends make fun of my fashion sense. I try to laugh it off but it really hurts my feelings. What should I do? Trisha, 16, Bhopal.

Fun of My Fashion Sense

Friends, really? 

Heyyy! So I hear an issue but I’m just going to ignore the word ‘friends’ in it because friends don’t make their friends feel bad about themselves (angry face). Yes, you heard it, I may be a tad bit dramatic there but it is what it is. 

First and foremost I would suggest you talk to these friends about this. Maybe it’s just innocent fun and they don’t mean to hurt you with those jokes. So have a serious conversation with them because if you do it casually they might not realise you’re serious about it. 

Let them know how their “jokes” hurt your feelings and you would like them to stop. Gen Z ka zamana hai bro! I’m sure if they’re really your friends, they will respect your feelings and stop. And if they don’t, *cough cough* dump ‘em *cough cough*.

Before you proceed further, let’s check out this amazing video on friendships below: 

Not a joke! 

I mean, what is this behaviour Trisha! If they really don’t care about how they’re hurting your feelings for the sake of some laughs, you honestly don’t need them in your life. This is toxic, they make you feel bad about yourself hiding behind the ‘it’s just a joke’ statement. 

Nobody needs that kind of negativity in their life. And don’t you dare feel bad about it, it isn’t your fault. None of it is. So don’t let them ruin your fun, you wear what you like and rock on like you do!

I mean take your inspiration from our girl Luna Lovegood (from Harry Potter) bro! She didn’t care what other people thought about her or even when they made fun of her. She just did her own thing and was just as sane as anybody (smug face) see what I did there fellow Potterheads!

Carry your confidence

And anyway the most important part of wearing any outfit is the smile and self-confidence you carry it with. So don’t let any comments or jokes affect you negatively. 

If you like it, then carry it with all the swag you have and feel like a supermodel anyway bro! Who cares what anyone else thinks. You do you and you’ll find all the friends you need along the way, those too supportive ones 😉

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what to say when someone makes fun of your clothes

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