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Twist in the tale

Old tales with a teentastic 21st century twist

    When Little Red met Big Bad Wolf online!

    Himani Bakhda | On 31-08-2020
    As a child, you must have heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who was chased by the big bad wolf. Now read the 2020 version with a TeenBook twist! All by herself Once upon a time, there was a timid and shy teenage girl, her name was Little Red Riding Hood. In school, Continue reading...

    The reel and the real life of Jack

    Himani Bakhda | Aug 26th, 2021
    Have you heard this famous fable of the blue Jackal, who fell into a tub of blue dye and was mistaken as a God by other animals. One day the Jackal could not help but howl and everyone came to know that he was but an ordinary Jackal. He was caught and was punished. Now Continue reading...
  • When Cinderella met the Princess!

    Team TeenBook | On 29-11-2023
    What happens when the famous fairytale of Cinderella gets a TeenBook twist! It’s love and magic as we like it in 2020! Godmother Simon Cinderella looked at the invite once she was alone in her room; well it was more like a cupboard which barely had enough space for a bed and a table. She Continue reading...
  • When the lion actually came!

    Sanya Ghai | On 11-10-2023
    Many of you must have heard the story of ‘Sher aaya sher’ where a habitual liar gets killed by the lion because no one comes to help him! Now read this story with a TeenBook twist! Photo: Shutterstock/A_ModelHouse/Person in the photo is a model.  Just a prank?  Pranav (15) was done with his rehearsals for Continue reading...
  • Slow, steady wins the race?

    Himani Bakhda | On 03-09-2023
    Presenting ‘The Hare and The Tortoise’ story with a TeenBook twist! Just imagine Annie (11) to be the tortoise and everyone in her class as the hare. Does the tortoise win the race this time? Let’s find out! ‘Not smart, nor talented’ ‘RECESS TIME!’ As the bell rang out, Annie’s classmates grabbed their tiffin boxes Continue reading...
  • When Cinderella saved herself!

    Himani Bakhda | On 16-07-2023
    Every Cinderella does not need a prince. All she needs is a dream and a heart that doesn’t give up! Presenting Cinderella with a Teenbook twist. Never give up Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. She lost her parents at a very young age. She used to live with her step-mother Continue reading...
  • Romeo and Juliet: The 2021 edition!

    Umeza Peera | On 17-05-2021
    Remember “Romeo and Juliet?. They both could not think of a life beyond each other. But if Romeo and Juliet lived today, would they have done the same? Curious? Let’s read the story with a TeenBook twist! Photo: Shutterstock/Chris Bourloton/The persons in the picture are models, names changed. School sweethearts  “You guys look so cute Continue reading...
  • When Kubja became confident!

    Anu Shakti Singh | On 18-08-2020
    Have you heard the story of Kubri Kubja – whom Krishna turned into a beautiful woman? Now read this story with a Teenbook Twist! Why Kubja?  Once upon a time there lived a girl in the city named Mathura. She was clever, intelligent and cared for everyone. The girl loved picking flowers and making different Continue reading...
  • The ‘Ugly’ Duckling

    Himani Bakhda | On 29-06-2020
      What happens when the famous fairytale of The Ugly Duckling gets a TeenBook twist! She definitely doesn’t turn into a ‘beautiful’ swan! Odd one out?  Once upon a time, a mama duck laid five eggs in a farm. Each day she longed for the eggs to hatch. On a fine hot summer day four Continue reading...
  • Try being a girl for a day?

    Himani Bakhda | On 10-05-2020
    What if you wake up one day feeling different? Not just a different feeling but a different person, of a different gender. This happened with Krish and he shares his bizarre dream with TeenBook.  Go play a girly sport  Krish and Diya were fifteen years old twin siblings. Both had very similar interests. They enjoyed Continue reading...