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Twist in the tale

When Little Red met Big Bad Wolf online!

As a child, you must have heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who was chased by the big bad wolf. Now read the 2020 version with a TeenBook twist!

When Little Red met Big Bad Wolf online

All by herself

Once upon a time, there was a timid and shy teenage girl, her name was Little Red Riding Hood. In school, she would always sit in a corner of the class all by herself. She would watch the other girls play in the park during recess time and wished she had someone to talk to or play with too. This made her really upset.

One day she saw her elder sister chatting with someone on her computer. She went up to her and asked her, “What are you doing on the computer?

“This is FriendsBook. You can make an account on this application and become friends with people you know, or people with whom you share similar interests.”

“Oh okay, I will let you talk to your friends now. I am off to my granny’s place.”

“Bye Red!”

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Making new friends online

On her way to her granny’s house, Red kept on thinking about FriendsBook. She thought it would be so easy to make new friends without actually having to meet and talk to someone. In the evening when she returned back home, she hurried to her room and turned on her computer. 

She made an account on FriendsBook. She filled in details like her name, age, email address, and interests. She also uploaded a photo of hers from her last family trip as her profile picture. She was very excited about her new account.

The next day she saw a friend request from a boy named Jack Wolf. She read his FriendsBook bio, he was of the same age as hers, went to a school next to hers and had all similar interests. But he did not have a profile picture, just a wolf icon. Red thought that was pretty amusing given his surname. She was excited to make a friend and she soon accepted his request. 

Soon they started talking every day in the evening. He would ask her many questions like, “How was your day Red?”

“It was good, what about you?” Red asked. 

“Talking to you makes my day good,” Jack said. 

Red blushed a little and replied, “How sweet of you to say that!”

“So tell me what you do throughout the day,” Jack asked. 

“I go to school in the morning, tuition in the afternoon and sometimes visit my granny in the evening,” Red added. 

“Oh, where is your school? What coaching do you go to? Where does your grandma live?” Jack showered her with so many questions. 

“You ask too many questions, lol…,” Red laughed. 

Lot of questions 

They talked daily. He would ask her a lot of questions like, how many people were there in her family? Does she have a sibling? And sometimes he would ask personal questions too — like does she have a boy in her class that she liked? Or ask her whereabouts. 

Red would answer all his questions, without any hesitation. It was finally good to have a friend! Though, when she tried to ask him the same things, he would change the subject.

One day he asked her if she would be willing to meet him. She nervously said yes. Jack asked her to wait for him after school in a cafeteria nearby. Red was elated now. She couldn’t wait for the class to get over so she could meet him. After school when she went to the café, she couldn’t find a young boy waiting for her. 

The shock 

Suddenly a man about forty years of age called out her name, “Red! Red! Over here, come and sit down.”

“Who are you?”

“I am Jack, your friend.”

“No you are not, he is fifteen years old like me.”

“Red, why does age matter anyways? You and I had so much fun chatting with each other on FriendsBook.”

Red looked around nervously, the café was deserted in the afternoon. The old man was looking at her like a wolf slyly watches its prey.

“Come with me, we can go somewhere else, we can roam around the city, just you and me.”

Sister to the rescue 

Red was now petrified and tears swelled up in her eyes. Suddenly she saw her elder sister dash into the café and pull her by her hand and shouted at the man, “If you try contacting her again, I will report to the police!”

When they reached home, she asked her, “How did you know where I was?”

“When you didn’t reach home on time, I got worried, I saw your chat on FriendsBook and knew where you would be. Red you should have been more careful.”

“I am sorry!” cried Red.

“Red you must always be careful on social media. Do not share any personal details with anyone unless you are really sure about them. If you feel unsafe or are ever in trouble you should always reach out to me or mom and dad, but you must never hide things from the elders in your family.”

“I understand, I promise you I will be more careful.”

“Now stop crying, come let us have our lunch.”

She hugged her sister and then they both sat for their lunch. 

Sister to the rescue

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