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What’s the right age to wear a bra?

Hey Disha, some of my friends have started wearing a bra. I was wondering, how do we know when the right time is? Tanisha, 13, Ranchi

right age to wear a bra

Hey Tanisha

​​Wow, you are thirteen –welcome to the teenage years! Arre yaar I am telling you…these teen years are the best time of your life! I still remember mine. Aww, how I miss those days girl.

Shall I make a confession Tanisha? These teenage years are also equally confusing! I mean, we are growing up – physically, emotionally and mentally. Something changes every day! A pimple on the face, growing arms and legs, new emotions and for us girls – growing breasts!

Pata hai, I too had all the questions you are asking me now, including when to start wearing a bra! And back then, we did not have websites like TeenBook to help us!

Also, don’t forget to check out this really funny and informative video on the top signs of puberty in girls. I am sure you will like it. Read the rest of my gyan below the video! 

No ‘right’ age

First things first – there is no one or proper age to start wearing a bra. It all depends on your body and the growth of your breasts. Some girls start wearing some kind of bra (crop top/sports bra/training bra) when they are about 11. Others may need to start as young as eight and some may not need one until after they are 14. So chill girl, your body will tell you!

How? So, when girls hit puberty, their breasts begin to grow. Now like I just said, this happens at different times for everyone. Some girls may feel tenderness and soreness when their breasts start to bud or grow. You may see your nipples developing and you may also begin to feel a strain on your breasts during any physical exercises such as running, jumping or playing sports.

If you can feel any of these growth signs, it may be a good time to start thinking about a bra.

Count on it

Have you heard the famous saying — “Bras are like friends, they take away your strain and give you support!” You must be thinking, now which celeb said this? Well, yours truly, Disha the great – who else! Haha.

Bras provide support to the breasts when there is a lot of motion involved, especially during sports. Wearing a bra also cuts down the pressure on the back and neck, especially when the breasts are heavier. Sometimes, the weight of the breasts also pulls the breasts down and forward putting extra pressure on your back and neck. So, wearing a bra can improve your posture and help with back pain.

No bra, no harm

If you feel that your breasts are not causing any discomfort for you, while doing any activities, and that you do not feel the need for a bra, that’s perfectly fine too. It all depends on the need and comfort of your body.

Your breasts will not become big if you do not wear one! It’s just a myth. The size of your breasts depends on your genes (jeans nahi!) and not on wearing or not wearing a bra.

Your first bra

But if you do feel the need for a bra, make sure to spend some time understanding your needs. Research! First off it is important to know your size. Wearing an incorrect size bra can be really uncomfortable. You can easily measure your size with a measuring tape at home. Follow this guide to understand how to correctly measure your size. Once you know your size, note it down and take it with you when you go shopping for a bra.

I would say, do not go alone to buy your first bra. Arre yaar, after all it’s a special occasion of sorts to celebrate the milestone – your parents or an elder sibling you trust. Make it a day to remember. Maybe convince them for an after-bra party too!

You go, girl!

I went with my mother to buy my first bra and guess what – I was so utterly conscious the whole time that I forgot to enjoy the experience! Told you na, TeenBook nahi tha to boost my confidence! But for you, main hun na! So worry not! Be confident! It’s our body and we got to do the best for it! Hain na! There is nothing to be ashamed about.

Try a lot of bras before you choose one. Arre yaar, they are going to be your best friends for life! So choose wisely!

Initially it may feel odd to wear one because you are not used to wearing a bra. So go for comfort and not looks. Buy a cotton one, without any accessories like wires or pads. It may help to start with a sports bra, which is like a crop top.

And yes, never wear a bra to sleep! Sleep se yaad aaya, it’s late! Yes, I always sleep for a minimum of eight hours, you see. I have my classes early in the morning for which I like to be freshtastic. Sayonara!

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  1. Your are the best disha. Now I know (ki main bra kab pahan sakti hun) thanks for your advice.❤️

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