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My friend told my crush that I like him!

Hey Disha, I am just so damn embarrassed. My friend has told my crush that I like him. It’s such a cringe situation now cos he is my friend too! I don’t know where to hide! Help! Dia, 15! 

Not a good thing!

Hello mere dost and that does sound like a problem, ouch!

Having a crush, as you already know by now, is pretty normal at this age. But having it on a friend is a completely different story. You really like them but you don’t want this to affect your friendship in any way. And your problem sounds like that’s exactly what happened to you! But why fear when Disha is here.

First of all, I really want to scold this friend of yours. I know, I know he might’ve just done it to tease you or have some fun but it was wrong on his part to break your trust like that. 

Friends are supposed to keep your secret under the tightest of locks and keys and he should know that what he did, even if he did it on a light note, was not funny. 

Talk to that friend

So go and talk to that friend and show him thodu sa strict side of you. Tell him that his little joke wasn’t funny. And he should not have played with your trust like that.

Once you’ve done that here comes my second piece of advice. Talk to your crush. I know it’s scary and nerve-wracking and you might be thinking “Disha toh ekdum pagool ho gai hai ” but thamba thamba.  

The twist here is that you’re not talking to them as your crush right now, you need to talk to them as a friend. They were your friend first anyway, right? Sounds better now, doesn’t it?

Tell your side of the story

Just find a good time and let them know that they don’t have to feel awkward around you because of what the other person said. Tell them you understand even if they don’t like you in that way and you don’t want this to spoil your friendship. It may take some time for them to get comfortable around you again but I’m sure they’ll come around soon.

Until then spend time with your other friends, and make sure they do not feel neglected by you amidst all this ;).

And finally, have some patience and if they still choose to ignore you after your efforts, I’m sure you’ll be just fine without them anyway. 

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