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My Diary

I was waiting for Papa to scold me!

Nisha, 16, got really late at her friend Tina’s home one day and was worried that she would be scolded by her parents once she got back! However, what happened next was a shock for her. She shared a page from her diary with us.



Dear Diary,

Today was quite an eventful day, and I feel the urge to put my thoughts down, just like I’ve been doing for the past year. You won’t believe how different things are now compared to a year ago. It’s amazing how as time goes by, things and how people get along can really change.

Why are you late! 

So, here’s what happened today. I reached home late, much later than I had ever been allowed to a year ago. The reason? Well, I was at Tina’s house, working on this tough assignment that we had to finish. Tina and I have become such great friends over the past year, and I’m grateful for her. She’s not just a study buddy; she’s someone I can talk to about anything. 

But when I walked through the front door, I couldn’t help but notice Papa’s frown. It was unmistakable, and my heart sank a little. A couple of years ago, if I had come home this late, it would have been a disaster. I would’ve been scolded, and grounded, and there would have been no way out. 

But today, my parents didn’t say anything. No scolding, no harsh words, nothing. Instead, we just exchanged a few glances, and then I explained why I was late because of an assignment. Papa said okay and asked me if I had my dinner and I went to my room. 

Sweet sixteen 

It got me thinking about how much things have changed. Back then, I was just 12, and I guess my parents saw me as their little girl who needed constant supervision and discipline. I can still vividly remember the last time I was late a year ago. It was for a similar reason – working on a school project with Tina. Yes, she has been my bestie since kindergarten! 

So, I was terrified to come home that evening because I knew I was in deep trouble. When I finally got home, Papa was waiting in the living room, and his face was flushed with anger. The lecture that followed was epic, and I was grounded for one week. It felt like the end of the world.

But now, things have changed. I’ve turned 16, and it’s like my parents have begun to see me as a young adult. They’ve started giving me more freedom and trust. No dramatic showdown. No grounding. Just an exchange of subtle looks between Mummy and Papa. It was almost comical. I tip-toed to my room, and that was it!

They still worry but… 

I’m telling you, diary, it’s like they’ve suddenly realized I’m not a toddler anymore. I’m 16 now – a full-on teenager with responsibility superpowers. They’ve seen my transformation over these past few years – from a kid to maybe a more responsible human. 

I can’t help but feel grateful for the newfound understanding they showed today. They probably still worry, but they’ve finally clued to the fact that I can adult responsibly. It’s like they’ve upgraded! It’s kind of heartwarming and a comforting feeling, knowing that they have faith in me.

So, dear diary, today was a turning point. 

A year ago, I couldn’t have imagined a day like this, when my parents didn’t scold me for coming home late. It’s a reminder that change is a constant, and I’m growing up. I just hope I can continue to make them proud and live up to the trust they’re beginning to place in me.

Until tomorrow,


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