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‘I hate my sister’

Ridhi (15) is angry as she is constantly compared to her sister Lavanya (18), who is really good at studies! Result: Ridhi has almost started hating Lavanya. Was she right in doing so? How did Lavanya feel? Let’s read their story to find out more.

Feel Hate Toward Siblings

‘So proud of you!’

Everyone was at the breakfast table in the morning when Lavanya made a big announcement. She had been granted a huge scholarship for college. 

“Lavanya, that’s amazing, we are so proud of you beta”, her mother said and hugged her, adding, “I had no doubt”. 

“That’s like my daughter”, her proud father said. 

“Thanks mumma and papa”, Lavanya smiled. She has been a class topper throughout her school and now received a full scholarship for a very prestigious college. 

“Ridhi, don’t you want to congratulate your sister?” Lavanya’s mother asked. 

“Oh yeah, I was waiting for this happy drama to get over. Well congratulations didi”, Lavanya replied sarcastically. 

This was not the first time everyone praised Lavanya, her elder and really intelligent sister. However, Ridhi was an average student and had a huge inferiority complex because of her sister’s achievements.

“That’s so rude Ridhi, I don’t expect you to behave this way”, Lavanya’s mother scolded her. 

“Yes beta, she is older than you. Be happy for her achievement”, Lavanya’s dad scolded her. 

“Ahh, you all just get happy with her achievements, not mine”, Ridhi sulked and her eyes welled up with tears. 

“That’s not true Ridz”, Lavanya tried to console her. She also patted her back but Ridhi shrugged her hand away. 

“Yeah, why will you accept this fact na? It’s okay didi”, Ridhi replied and left for school.  

Lavanya was really upset. She wanted to know what was bothering Ridhi. 

‘I am nothing’ 

After coming back from school, Lavanya told Ridhi to change quickly. 

“Where are we going? To celebrate your achievement?” Ridhi asked sarcastically.

“No. Nothing like that! We are just going out to have some fries and your favourite milkshake; and don’t worry I will pay”, Lavanya smiled. 

“Why so much love?” Ridhi rolled her eyes.  

“Because I love you Ridhi”, Lavanya replied, looking into Ridhi’s eyes but she looked away. 

She was still upset about the morning. However, she was hungry too and the thought of going out made her feel better. They both went to their nearby cafe but there was a weird silence between them. Thankfully the waiter came to take the order. 

‘Why, will you complain?’

Lavanya started the conversation after they both placed their order. 

“Ridhi, what are you up to? Why don’t you talk to me?” Lavanya asked.

“Why, will you complain to Mumma about it now?” Ridhi asked. 

“Noo baba, I just want to talk and know what is bothering you?” Lavanya assured.   

“You know very well. Isn’t it obvious? Mumma and papa always favour you and that’s so annoying. As if I am nothing. I have no value. All my prizes in the dancing competition are nothing infront of your class marks. You always have been a favourite”, Ridhi burst out. 

“No Ridz, maa papa never do that, they love you as much as they love me. Did you forget you are the younger one?” Lavanya said.  

Want you to do better

“But they are never happy with me, they don’t like what I do and they just keep nagging me. They keep telling me to become like you. I can’t be what you are, sorry. I tried, but I could not ”, Ridhi said. 

“You don’t have to be like me. I love you the way you are. They just want you to do better and succeed in life that’s why they keep telling you things”, Lavanya replied. 

“Yes, but they compare me to you and they never appreciate what I do the best. They never even look at my dance videos. They say it’s all a waste of time”, Ridhi said. 

“I don’t want anyone to compare you to me. You are unique the way you are and that’s amazing. You know how much I appreciate your dancing”, Lavanya smiled. 

“But you excel at studies and extracurricular and I am average at all of it and that’s why mumma and papa think I am a loser”, Ridhi said. 

“I will talk to them. They do love your dancing and I have seen mumma forward your videos in our family group. She is always so proud when everyone likes or comments on it”, Lavanya smiled. 

Am I a failure? 

“But I don’t get good grades. So doesn’t that make me a failure?” Ridhi asked. 

Grades are important but hey, they are not everything. Nobody is perfect. We are just unique in our own ways. Even I get compared to you when it comes to dressing up, talking to people, socialising, drawing, dancing and so many other things. You can ’t do everything; neither can I, Ridhi”, Lavanya explained. 

After a heart to heart with her sister, Ridhi felt really calm and comfortable and also felt guilty for behaving rudely with Lavanya. 

“I am sorry, I was rude to you. Rather than talking to you I kept hating you”, Ridhi apologized to her sister. 

“I hope you don’t hate me anymore! Ridz, just remember one thing. I love you the most and I am always going to be with you no matter what happens. And don’t you dare say you hate me ever”, Lavanya warned her jokingly. 

“I love you too didi. I don’t hate you please!” Ridhi laughed embarrassingly. They both left for home, walking hand in hand. 

How to Express Your Feelings

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