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My Diary

‘Why does she treat me like this?’

Mahi (14) is not sure why Tia, her best friend, is behaving in a strange way and not letting her talk to anyone. She shares a page of her diary with TeenBook.

Dear Diary,

As you know, Tia has been my friend for so many years. But lately I have been so stressed because no matter how hard I try to be a good friend, she always finds a way to make me feel bad about myself. 

I understand she has always been a little possessive of me but ever since we got transferred to different sections, it’s gotten so much worse. It’s almost like I can’t make new friends without making her feel left out. 

Making a big deal 

Since we’re in different sections, she’s made many new friends and I have too. But whenever I talk to or go out with my friends, she makes a big deal about it saying that I’m never there for her when she needs me or that I’m a bad friend. 

She even said that I was trying to leave her for new friends. That really hurt. She always does that and it’s not okay. 

Am I over-reacting? 

I am an introvert and Tia, on the other hand, makes friends very easily but when I tried to tell her I feel awkward with new people, she totally blew me off by saying I was being insecure and totally over reacting to the situation. I mean what even! Then why is it okay when you do it?? Ugghh it’s so not fair.

Ever since that happened, I decided I won’t say anything to her about it. I thought maybe that would calm things down. I didn’t wanna lose my best friend. So I waited, but it only got worse. The next time we talked  (yeah! she got busy with her friends) she was angry with me and blamed me for not calling all week. 

What to do? 

According to her, I clearly don’t care about our friendship and was trying to get rid of her. This is so frustrating. It’s like I cannot do anything right. Whatever I do I always end up the bad girl. 

I am getting frustrated now but also I don’t wanna lose my best friend so I don’t know what to do. 

Perhaps I should talk to my mom about it? She has known Tia and I since childhood. Maybe she can help me get over this frustrating situation?  

I wish things would get better soon! 

PS: I am so glad I spoke to my mom about it! As I thought, she knows Tia so well that it was very easy telling her about this. She told me that Tia isn’t a bad person, she just wants me all to herself and finds it difficult to share me with other people. So when I talk and laugh with other people, she perhaps feels threatened and makes a big deal about it. And the only way to get over this was to talk to her and come up with a solution together.

So I spoke to Tia. I explained to her that just because I have other friends doesn’t mean she has any less importance in my life. I assured her that she was still one of my closest friends and all these fights and arguments were only pushing me away and not bringing us any closer. 

It’s been a week since that heart-to-heart with Tia and things have been much better already! Thank God (or should I say Mom) for that! 

What to do?

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