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Twist in the tale

When Cinderella saved herself!

Every Cinderella does not need a prince. All she needs is a dream and a heart that doesn’t give up! Presenting Cinderella with a Teenbook twist.

When Cinderella saved herself!

Never give up

Once upon a time there was a girl named Cinderella. She lost her parents at a very young age. She used to live with her step-mother Lady Cruella, and two step-sisters Ursula and Gothel.

The qualities of Lady Cruella justified her name. She was mean, wicked, and cruel. She showed no affection to her step-daughter and used to mistreat her. 

Cindrella’s step-sisters were dull-witted and nasty. They used to make crooked plans to get Cinderella in trouble with their mother. She was made to do all the household chores. She was given a tiny room in the attic. 

Her life was full of struggles, yet she never gave up. Her mother had taught her to always be kind and courageous against all odds.

Earning and working 

Like her mother she had a knack of stitching and tailoring. She used few of her mother’s old supplies and started making beautiful red, pink, yellow, blue and green embroidered scarves. When she went to the market to run an errand, she sold her scarves to the ladies there. 

She stood at the corner of the market and loudly chanted, “Buy scarves for seven pennies. Come! Come! I have got so many. Red, pink, yellow, blue and green. They are the best you would have ever seen!”

Soon a herd of ladies gathered around and started buying the scarves.

“Pack me a pink and a blue scarf dear. Oh! They are so beautiful!” exclaimed one plump woman.

“Can I get the one with flowers embroidered on it? How much did you say it cost?” asked the other.

Soon in an hour she sold all her scarves and returned back home with all her hard earned money. 

Working hard night and day 

On her way back she bought some colourful yarn, some shiny buttons and new needles. She hid it under a loaf of bread in a basket so Lady Cruella wouldn’t know about it. Now she used to do household chores all day and knitted sweaters all night by the candle lights. She worked hard. 

After a few days when she went to the market again, she secretly carried her sweaters with her, in a basket. She stood at the same corner and loudly chanted, “Buy sweaters for fifteen pennies. Come! Come! I have got so many. Red, pink, yellow, blue and green. They are the best you would have ever seen!”

Soon a herd of ladies gathered around and started buying the sweaters.

“How lovely they all are! Can you pack me a yellow sweater?” asked a woman.

“Dear, these embroidered flowers on the green sweater are so beautiful, I would love to buy one” said the other.

This time within less than an hour all her sweaters were sold. Cindrella used that money to buy more materials to make scarves, sweaters, gloves and hats. They all sold off quickly and with the money she earned she bought a stitching machine. 

She brought it to her attic when no one was at home and used to hide it in a wooden trunk. Now she made beautiful gowns, cloaks and dresses and sold them. Soon she became the talk of the town.

Dreams, shattered 

But one day Lady Cruella came to know about it. At night she went to the attic and through the creek of the door saw Cinderella stitching. She pushed the door wide open and dashed into the room and picked up Cindrella’s stitching machine and threw it on the floor, breaking it. The machine was shattered into pieces like her dreams. 

She cried all night.

Next day in the morning a captain from the king’s palace visited their home. He asked for Cinderella. Lady Cruela lied and said, “Dear sir, you are mistaken. No one by the name Cinderella lives here”.

“We are sure we have the right address ma’am”.

Just then Cindrella appeared out of her attic. She boldly said, “I am Cindrella”. 

The captain said, “Cinderella you have been summoned by the King. He has heard about your beautiful dressmaking skills, and he desires to meet you”. 

The royal dressmaker

Cinderella left with the captain to visit the king. The king and queen looked at all the beautiful gowns and cloaks she had made. They were so impressed that they declared Cinderella their “Royal Dressmaker”. 

Since that day, Cindrella has lived in a beautiful big room in the palace and makes dresses for the royalty. Cindrella learned that if you work hard and show courage against all odds you will achieve your dreams.

The royal dressmaker

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