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What’s the harm in trying once?

Sakshi and Ridhima (16), two best friends, have always tried every new activity and adventure together. At a party with their friends, Sakshi wants to try something new and Ridhima won’t let her. What’s going on? Let’s read their story.

New Activity and Adventure
Photo: Shutterstock/otnaydur/Persons in the photo are models, names changed. 

The house party! 

“How was the paper you nerd?” Sakshi asked Ridhima after their last exam of class 12. 

“It was good but I missed the last question”, she replied with some disappointment in her voice.

“It’s okay Ridhima, let’s not talk about it. It will only make you feel bad. I know you will still score better than me! Let’s talk about what’s coming, the much awaited house party!” Sakshi was so excited already. 

It was the last day of the annual examination and Nandish was hosting a party at his house. Just like it happens in the movies, his parents were away for the weekend and he was home alone! Everything looked so surreal.  

“Ohh yeah I am excited for it but I am nervous too. I just heard that there may be alcohol in that house party. Is it allowed at this age?  What if our parents get to know about this?” Ridhima replied in a subtle voice.

“Nobody is telling them. And these are just rumours. Come on don’t curb my excitement now.  We are not kids anymore yaar, chill now”, Sakshi replied with an oblivious tone. 

“Well, we’ll talk about it later, okay?” Ridhima said to Sakshi

“Yup, sure. See you tonight”, Sakshi hugged Ridhima and said goodbye. 

Don’t create a scene 

Sakshi came to Ridhima’s house with her elder brother Ankush in the car to pick her up. 

“Take care, you two! Drop me a message when you are free from the party. I will come to pick you both. Don’t get yourself in any trouble, okay”, Ankush winked at them and drove off. 

As they entered the house, it was chaotic and crowded. There were many known and unknown faces. They all seemed happy and lost at the same time. They waved at some known faces and began to mingle. 

Ridhima went around the house chatting with her friends and Sakshi did the same. After some time, Ridhima started looking for Sakshi. 

She saw a group of girls and boys inhaling some substances with the help of paper rolls, and saw Sakshi standing there. Ridhima panicked and immediately grabbed Sakshi’s arm and pulled her into a corner.

“Are you crazy Sakshi? Can’t you see what they are doing?” Ridhima asked Sakshi.

“Ridhima don’t you create a scene here. I was just looking at them!” Sakshi replied. 

“But I saw that girl asking you to try it, isn’t it?” Ridhima sounded angry now. 

“Yes she did, but I did not. Waise, what’s the harm in trying once?” Sakshi replied sheepishly. 

Just once?

“No Sakshi, it’s drugs! Have you forgotten the story we read about them in our class and how Kamini ma’am warned us about them? We are not supposed to try drugs.They are very harmful”, Ridhima said. 

“Look around. So many people are trying. They look okay! No harm I see”, Sakshi snapped. 

“Didn’t you see the movie Sanju? What happened to Sanjay Dutt eventually in the movie? He just tried once and became addicted! Nothing happens immediately Sakshi. But why even try such a thing which you know is harmful?” Ridhima asked.  

“Well, that was just a movie! Real life is different!” Sakshi said. 

“Well, I don’t want to argue with you. You can call up your brother Ankush and ask him right away if you can try!” Ridhima said. 

“On no! Please don’t get bhaiya into this. Ok, I am sorry. I know this is wrong but I will just do it for once. I promise Ridhima, let’s try it for once only”, Sakshi still tried to convince Ridhima. 

First time is the last time

“Sakshi, my dear friend, let me remind you. Drugs excite the parts of the brain that makes you feel good. But after you take a drug, your good parts of your brain get used to it. Then you need to take more drugs to get the same good feeling. That’s how people get really addicted to it”, Ridhima explained. 

“Thanks for the reminder but what if my first time is the last time? I would just see what happens and then never try again?” Sakshi asked. 

“You may think this is the first and last time, but you will get pulled towards it after you try it. It’s just inevitable and I don’t want my best friend to get pulled into something which will make things worse for her”, Ridhima smiled and hugged Sakshi.  

“Well, I give up. You are right. That’s what you want to hear, right?” Sakshi was a bit disappointed but realised Ridhima was right. 

“Sakshi, don’t be annoyed please. I know we often get carried away while we are around a bunch of people who advise us to do something, but that doesn’t mean those people are always asking us to do something right”, Ridhima added. 

Arre, I told you you are right and I was wrong, nerd! I agree. I bow down to you my queen! Stop this lecture now and let’s go and dance with our classmates. I still want to enjoy this night!” Sakshi begged Ridhima in an animated way, with folded hands. 

“Yes, I love dancing too! But we will go back home by 10 pm, okay? I promised mom”, Ridhima said. 

“Uff! Again lecture. Let’s dance. Stop looking at the watch now!” Sakshi said, as she pulled Ridhima over. 

Best Adventure Activities

Photo: Shutterstock/otnaydur/Persons in the photo are models, names changed. 

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