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Do periods smell bad?

Alia’s (12) friend Meera had her first periods. Her friends seem to think that Meera started with her periods first because she is a bit overweight. Is that true? Alia asks her elder sister Shikha. What do you think she said?

Is that why?

“You won’t yell at me if I ask you something didi?” Alia asked her sister Shikha as she read a book on the other side of the bed. Shikha did not like to be disturbed when she was reading, but today Alia just had to ask. 

“What do you want now?” Shikha replied in a curious tone, and added, “Let me guess? You want me to help you finish your biology drawings? Or is it money for a new book?”

“No didi, it’s something else”, Alia replied in a low tone. 

“OK, I won’t yell at you. Ask”, Shikha replied and shut her book. 

“So, Meera, one of my classmates, got her periods for the first time. Shruti was saying that because she got her periods so early because she is fat”, Alia said in one go. 

Shikha kept her book aside, took Alia’s hand in her hand and said, “No Alia, menstruation has nothing to do with weight. Girl’s periods are a part of puberty and the arrival of periods mostly depends on the puberty timeline, which can be different for each person.”

Does it smell bad?

“That’s good to know Di! Can I ask you a few more questions”, Alia asked just as she was about to return to her book. 

“Looks like there is no getting away from it”, Meera chuckled. “Fire away!” she said. 

“Didi, is a girl’s period blood dirty? My classmates say it smells bad. And that’s why Meera isn’t coming to school because everyone will know…”, Alia almost whispered. 

“Nah, Alia, that’s a myth. Period blood is just like the blood that comes out when you get hurt.  It is not dirty at all! The blood that comes out of the vagina is the same that would have nurtured a baby if a person got pregnant. If it was toxic or harmful, you would not be alive, right?!” Shikha replied and took a pause. 

“Hmm, that’s true!”, Alia exclaimed.  

Yes, in some cases there might be a peculiar smell because of moisture in the vaginal area. But it’s not something others can detect!” Shikha added.

“That’s quite a relief Didi! I was beginning to get worried about that”, Alia confessed. 

Do periods smell bad

Support your friend

“I am glad you came to me with all the questions. Though I feel bad for Meera”, Shikha sighed. 

“Because she began with her periods/menses?” Alia asked, feeling a bit confused. 

“No. Not because she had her period! But it appears that she’s been rather lonely through all this. You all should have been supporting Meera rather than just gossiping about her weight and other things”, Shikla exclaimed.  

“She must be undergoing so many changes in her body. You all should be there for her, rather than talking about her body weight behind her back”, Shikha’s tone was that of a scolding elder sister. 

“Sorry di, I was not part of the group, I just overheard…” Alia’s said meekly. 

“Hmmm, but tomorrow when you go to school tell other girls to stop talking behind Meera’s back and clear their myths. If Meera comes to school, make her feel comfortable. OK?” Shikha said strongly. 

“Sure, I will. Pinky promise”, Alia smiled. 

“I trust you”, Shika added. 

“Thanks, Di for talking to me. I don’t know what I would have done without you!” chuckled Alia. 

“I am always there for you! Now finish your homework and let me read my book”, Shikha replied finally getting a chance to return to her book. 

Support your friend

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