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Disha, should I get a tattoo?

Disha, should I get a tattoo? My parents will freak out but I want to get one so badly. Vasu, 15, Gurgaon.

Huge commitment 

Hey Vasu.  So sabse pehle to bro I relaaaaaate. I wanted to get a tattoo so bad when I was around your age. I had it all planned out too. The designs (thanks to Pinterest 😉 ) and where I wanted them, everything. But then I talked to my mom about them and I think you can guess what happened next. 

However, now when I recall our conversation, a lot of what she said really made sense. First, getting something tattooed is a HUGE commitment. I mean it’s permanent, which means it’s going to be there forever. Whatever you get, is for a lifetime. 

And are you sure that you’re ready to make that kind of commitment, so soon? I mean what if you don’t like it after? We’ve all seen some major celebrity tattoos gone bad too. We don’t want that for you, do we? So I need you to think long and hard about whether you’re sure you want it. 

Research, read and talk 

After you’ve done that, let’s get to the next warning. I’ll go with the most obvious one. PAIN. And I’m talking about serious pain here haan! It can be very painful, you need to be aware of that because you don’t wanna end up with an incomplete tattoo. That’ll be the only thing worse than the pain, tbh. Also infections, yuck!

And honestly I can scare you with so many more cons here like limited career options, because yes, even the army has certain rules and regulations about what kind of tattoos you can have if you want to get in. So read about it and keep it in mind if you aim to join the forces in the future. 

And after you’re done thinking, it’s time to do a LOT of research. Read about the pros and cons, talk to people who already have tattoos and listen to them. Take their advice because evidently, they know. 

Only if you’re absolutely sure

But honestly, I know how you feel. So after reading all these, if you’re still convinced about getting a tattoo, then talk to your parents about it and get their approval, because bro, you are still not an adult. So yes, you do need to tell them. 

Explain to them how you have thought through the entire process, thought about the pros and cons, and still want to go ahead with the whole thing. 

So my advice would be do it only if you’re absolutely sure because this is a pretty huge commitment and you don’t want to regret doing it later. 

So wait for some time, preferably till you’re 18, but it can also be a year or two, and if it’s still what you want then with your parents’ blessing, why not!

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