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Canteen Talk

‘I want to become popular’

Arjun wants to become a part of the most popular group at school. Riya too! But their other friends do not understand their obsession with the popular group.

How to Become Most Popular In School

Not you losers

Riya, Arjun, Yash and Damini are close friends. They were standing in a circle gossiping when they saw some of their classmates take a table in the canteen and everybody began to stare in that direction.

“Sanah is so cool, look at her hairstyle! And Yuven, I can’t take my eyes off him” Shreya said, as all of them entered the canteen for their lunch break.

“I wish we were more like them – school’s popular gang! I have the looks but because I hang out with you losers, no one even looks at me!,” said Arjun.

“Losers! You are one – not us!” Damini retorted and was about to say something more but she paused. She began to wonder why Arjun wanted to be like the popular bunch.

Oh so stylish 

“Sorry Dams, I did not mean that. What I was saying is everybody in the school is always talking about how Sarah is so stylish, how Arin is so funny or how Yuven is so good-looking! He actually reminds me of Paxton from “Never Have I Ever!” Arjun sighed.

“So?” asked Damini.

“I want their life! Yuven has a huge Instagram following! He even has this huge TV in his own room with Xbox, where he invites everyone to play on weekends,” Arjun added.

“But they don’t even know you that well,” Yash interrupted, adding, “Also, I do not have an Xbox but we had a pretty neat time when you came home last week! Also, who’s going to take care of all that tension you take close to exams! Kaun jhelega bol!” Yash said, elbowing Arjun.

“Well, I want to be as stylish as Sarah. Look at her smooth hair yaar. Every guy likes her in school. Even teachers like her,” Shreya added as Arjun looked sideways.

‘But Sarah is brilliant at debate, a topper in maths Olympiad and even plays basketball. That’s why teachers like her. Not because of her style,” Damini said.

“Yeah, that’s true”, Shreya sighed. “There is a lot of hard work that makes Sarah what she is!”

Not without golgappas

“Besides, there is one huge problem!  If we were in the popular group, we wouldn’t be able to eat golgappas from Ram bhaiya outside. They would totally think it uncool!” Riya said it so seriously that everyone took a minute to understand her joke. And then they all burst out laughing!

‘Never! I can never leave Ram bhaiya’s golgappas,” Shreya said. “Arjun, you only go and join then, ok!”

“Ok, ok I get the point you all are making. You guys are my chaddi-buddies and know me inside out. I could never get that from anyone else! Sorry for the loser comment earlier! I didn’t mean it. I don’t want to hang out with anyone else, except that new girl Navya maybe!” Arjun smirked and everyone started laughing.

‘Whaaat! I thought you had a crush on Jiya last week,” Damini said as Arjun blushed!

The school bell rang for the fifth period before Arjun could clarify. They quickly finished the rolls they were munching on and ran back to their class.

Have you felt the need to join the popular kids of school? Share with us in the comments box below. Remember not to share any personal information in the comment boxes. 

Have you felt the need to join the popular kids of school


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