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Canteen Talk

‘But…we all are poles apart!’

Meeta, Sagar, Hemant and Dia are very different from each other. They have been assigned a common group to work together as a team. Are they working or fighting in the canteen? Let’s listen in!

This and that

Meeta, Sagar, Hemant and Dia are sitting in the canteen during the lunch break. Nobody has touched the food. 

“Meeta, I have already told you., I will not work with you guys unless my idea is accepted by everyone”, said Dia. She had already shared a long list of criticisms on the proposals and pitches made by others.

“Dia, we have a deadline in two days. We need to negotiate over our contrasting ideas. None of us will follow your orders”, Meeta replied furiously. 

“Guys, calm down! Stop fighting and let’s figure something out patiently!” Sagar exclaimed.

Dia became more furious now and snapped, “Sagar, you have hardly done any kind of work, so it’s better if you remain out of this. I am going to complain about you to the teacher anyway”. 

“Dia, you haven’t been of much help either, and whereas Hemant is concerned, he has been delaying writing his part for the last three days”, Meeta complained. 

“How can I write the material if all of you keep fighting over it? This is the worst group ever. I regret being paired with all of you”, lamented Hemant. 

Their teacher, Anuja Sharma, had been assigned a duty in the cafeteria today. As she saw them argue, she approached their table and enquired.

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Changing group? 

“Is something wrong?” the teacher asked.

“Ma’am, we were discussing the project. We are not able to reach any consensus. Everyone is disagreeing and arguing with each other”, Sagar replied.

“Ma’am, can we please change our groups? We are not able to work with each other. Our ideas don’t align and that is leading to a lot of arguments and no work”, Dia added.

Anuja Ma’am sighed and said, “Changing your group is not a solution at all. Differing ideas is one of the reasons why people work in a team, Dia. All of you will often find that your ideas don’t align with your team members, but the way you handle that and not let it interfere with your work, is what teamwork and collaboration is about”, the teacher explained.

“Ma’am, but we all are poles apart. Can’t I work with like minded people?” asked Hemant. 

“The four of you need to realise that your expertise in different areas can be used to work more efficiently and bring a better output. It will make you more open to each other’s ideas”, the teacher said. 

“Sorry ma’am but how? I don’t understand what good it is to be different. We are just arguing non-stop!” Meeta complained. 

“Well, Meeta, your research, Hemant’s writing, Sagar’s design and Dia’s presentation – if it all comes together then it can make your project truly stand out”, the teacher tried to convince everyone. 

“Ma’am it seems that you thought very  carefully while pairing us with one another. You saw what we couldn’t see!” Meeta said.

“Yes, you are right Meeta. But remember, good results will happen only if you choose to trust each other’s knowledge and understand each other’s ideas, Ok? Now no more fighting. Start working!” the Anuja Ma’am added.

“Yes, ma’am. We will try our best not to fight”, Sagar, Hemant and Dia replied together and laughed. 

Anuja Ma’am smiled and left as the four of them continued with their discussions, in the hope of reaching a consensus this time.

Changing group?

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