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Canteen Talk

‘What if they don’t believe me?’

Sameer (14) has been trying to avoid talking to anyone for the last few days and Neha (14), his childhood best friend, is determined to find out why. Will Sameer spill the beans? Listen in to the latest canteen talk.

‘Something is bugging me’

“Hey Sameer! What’s up? I haven’t seen you during lunch since forever!” said Neha as soon as she saw him walking towards her.

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Sameer had been avoiding going to the café for lunch for the last few weeks. He hadn’t talked to anyone about it yet and he really wanted to tell Neha, but he was still hesitant.

”Hey Neha, not much. I just had a lot of school work so I didn’t really get the time”, he replied.

“Don’t you try to fool me, we’re in the same class and you’re not even playing any sports these days so you have nothing to catch up on”, retorted Neha. “And you seem so distracted lately. It’s like you’re always looking over your shoulder”.

Neha was right. Sameer had been very uncomfortable lately and he couldn’t keep it from her anymore, “Yeah okay something is bugging me. But you have to promise not to tell anyone. ANYONE!”

“Woah grumpy pants, not to sound braggy but when have I ever done that. Okay so spill. What is going on?” asked Neha patiently.

What if they don’t believe me?

‘He makes me feel awkward’

“Okay. So there’s this uncle in our neighbourhood who visits our house pretty often. And I feel like he’s been getting more and more physical with me lately. He always tries to hug me and kiss me. Even when I made it clear I didn’t like it, he laughed it off and did it anyway. I know he’s an elder but I have thought about it for so long and I swear I’m not overreacting, he just makes me really uncomfortable”, confessed Sameer somewhat nervously.

 “Hey! Why didn’t you tell me before? Are you okay?” asked a worried Neha. “No, no I’m okay. I just wasn’t sure anyone would believe me, so I’d been a little stressed about it”, said Sameer.

“Have you talked to your parents about this?” asked Neha. 

“No. That’s what I’m worried about. What if they don’t believe me? He is my father’s friend you know. What if they think I’m overreacting or doing it for attention?”

‘You’ve got to tell them’ 

“They’re your parents Sameer, of course, they’ll believe you. Just calm down and talk to them. Tell them why you feel uncomfortable and I’m sure they’ll understand”, advised Neha. 

“Yeah okay, I guess you’re right. I’ll talk to them today”, he sighed. “It will make me feel better, I guess.” 

“And thank you too, I didn’t realize talking to you would be so helpful”, he teased Neha. 

“Excuse me! I’m pretty awesome okay? But you have to promise to come back to the café for lunch, I can not handle these gossip bees for one more day, I swear!”, exclaimed Neha, pointing at a group of excited girls.

They both laughed and walked off as the bell rang for their next class. 

You've got to tell them

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