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My Insta posts didn’t get many likes

Hey Disha, yesterday I spent so much time making reel and it did not get many likes. Now I feel really terrible. I don’t feel like even getting up from bed. I always feel like this when my posts don’t get likes. Rishab, 17, Mohali.

Not Getting Likes on Instagram

Why are you on Instagram? 

Hellooo broo! So I hear your issue and honestly, I can not assure you that your next post will get a lot of likes or what to do about it but yes, being the amazing friend I am, I will help you deal with it.

But first I want to ask you – why did you sign up for Instagram? I know it must be ages ago. But still think, why did you sign up for it? Let me help jog your memory. Because you wanted to be with your friends online, see what they were up to, share things you liked, to be a member of online communities and to feel the joy that comes with being connected!

And what is happening now? Instagram has also become like those home assignments or class tests! Kitne marks aaye bro? Aren’t these likes just like marks on a class test and stressing you out in the same way?

Take a deep breath!

So first things first. Take a step back and switch off the like counts in your account settings. Even Instagram is on your side yaar. Why else would they build this lovely feature! 

Just be on Instagram for what you had initially signed up for. To share what you like, make memories you want to cherish and the songs and content that you LOVE. You’ll remember the good times you clicked those pictures and the fun you had while doing it. 

So let go of the likes and comments, trust me you’ll find another level of peace baalak!

But if this is what you want

If you’re actually serious about making a career out of this then I would recommend doing some research and studying what works and what might be your areas of improvement when it comes to content. 

Yes, luck plays a part in this but you can work on your side, right? So do our research, see what improvements you might need and work towards it. It won’t happen in a day. Follow artists who inspire you to create and work on your content. Reach out to them for advice too. You might get lucky in hearing it from someone whose bread and butter it is! 

Focus on creating content that you love and gradually you will find people who will love it too! Just make sure you work hard and create good stuff. Not something you would do for a pass mark on a test. Same rules apply!

And for now don’t trouble yourself with the thought of likes and shares. The most successful content creators will also tell you the same story. They had to work a lot shaping their content before they got a likeable volume of likes. Read and learn from their experiences. 

So don’t go down the rabbit hole of likes and dislikes. Instead begin a journey of content creation, just like one does with any art. And just like any art form it needs patience. So add a bit of meditation too in your mix. So shall we begin? Om..Om…OM! 

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Ask Disha

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