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I failed my exams, what do I do?

Hi Disha. I just checked out my midterm results and they’re… not good. I am freaking out. How will I tell my parents? What should I do? Please help! Arin, 14 Lucknow.



Hey there! So, you got the news about your midterms, huh? Well, grab a seat and lend me your ear, because your favourite trusted adult, Disha, is here to dish out some much-needed wisdom, sprinkle a little motivation, and get you back on track.

It’s just one exam

First off, let’s tackle the big picture: failing a midterm might sting a bit, but trust me, it’s far from the end of the world. Think of it as a speed bump on the highway of your academic journey. Take a deep breath and repeat after me: “It’s just an exam, not the end of my studies or the world, for that matter.” Got it? Perfect.

Reflect and regroup

Now, let’s dive into the deep end and talk about learning from the past. Every stumble is an opportunity to grow and learn. So, take a moment to reflect on what tripped you up. Were you putting off studying? Did you struggle with certain concepts? Identify the obstacles, and then formulate a plan to conquer them in the future.

It’s okay to seek help 

Next, it’s time to level up for the upcoming exams. Roll up your sleeves, study smarter, and give it your all. And hey, don’t shy away from having a heart-to-heart with mom and dad about it. They’re your biggest cheerleaders, even if they dish out a bit of tough love.

So, things may have gone a tad off course this time around. It’s a common pitfall, nothing to beat yourself up over. Perhaps it’s worth considering some extra support, like tuition classes asking your mom/dad to teach you or joining study groups. Remember, seeking help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

And don’t forget to touch base with your teachers. Assure them that you’re committed to bouncing back and ask for their guidance. They’ll appreciate your initiative and dedication to improving.

You’ve got this!

Now, let’s talk attitude. Your mindset can make or break your success. Keep your chin up, stay positive, and give it your all. Remember, you’re capable of achieving greatness, and this setback is just a stepping stone on your path to success.

Understanding over grades

And here’s a nugget of wisdom: don’t get bogged down by the nitty-gritty details. Focus on understanding the subjects and putting forth your best effort. The grades will follow suit.

To sum it up: learn from your missteps, put in the work, seek support when needed, and maintain a positive outlook. You’ve got this, champ! Now go out there and show those exams who’s boss!

And remember, if you ever need a pep talk or some friendly advice, you know where to find me. I’ve got your back, always. Keep pushing forward, and don’t ever doubt yourself. Peace out!

#AskDisha is an advice column run by the editorial team at TeenBook India. The advice given in the columns is science-based but general in nature. Parents and adolescents should seek help from a professional or expert for specific concerns or issues.

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