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‘My teacher hates me Disha!’

My teacher doesn’t like me. I don’t enjoy my classes anymore and feel stressed. What to do? Sana,14, Chandigarh.

My teacher hates me Disha!

Are you sure? 

Okay Sana, first of all heyyy! Whats up! Well you just told me that so we’ll get to that in a minute. And why would anybody hate you man! You’re such a cutie! I know I haven’t seen you, but I just know. Aree haan haan Disha knows everything. (imagine me with a smug face)

Okay so first tell me, are you sure you’re reading this right? I mean maybe you’re stressed about something and reading into it somewhere else?

I know that happens. This has happened with me too bro! I hadn’t eaten all morning and suddenly I thought all my friends hated me. It’s actually pretty normal for overthinkers like us. Our brains just work like that.

So if you really think that your teacher hates you, first of all, assess yourself. Try to find out if you did anything to anger them or disrupt what they taught.

Not easy for them! 

I mean, socho yaar teachers already have it so stressful these days with learning all these online classes and working on phones and tablets in a way they never have. It must be difficult for them too. Upar se those merciless students who make it more difficult for them.

So, taken that you’re not overthinking because of stress maybe they are? They have so much to worry about and let’s be honest, not all the students make it easier. It might seem unreasonable to you sometimes but only you can help yourself in this situation.

First thing you can do is, the next time you feel like your teacher hates you, think about what made them angry. Is it something you did or maybe somebody else misbehaved? In either case, try to think about it from their perspective and better your or your classmates’ behaviour.

Sincere efforts 

Pay attention during your lectures, the teachers work really hard for the notes and it could be frustrating when nobody is paying attention to them. Be attentive, answer the questions you can and just be a sincere student. After all, it is you who will benefit from this. Right? So what’s the harm!

And after all the effort, sincere efforts, if you still don’t feel like it’s working, try talking about it to a trusted adult. It can be your sister, brother, cousin, aunty, mom, dad anyone. Anyone who you’re comfortable with. Tell them how you feel and they’ll help you handle it. 

You can also talk to another teacher at school – one you are comfortable with – and confide in her about how you feel? You can also talk to a senior in school who is taught by the same teacher and seek his/her help. And I’m sure it will be okay. To just chill and be a sincere and focused student.

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Sincere efforts

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