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My mood swings made me do it?

Tarnini (15) woke up with a foul mood. One thing led to another and she found herself telling her best friend that she hated her! What went wrong? She shares a page of her daily diary with us. Have you been sailing in the same boat? Read on then…

Photo:Shutterstock/Indianstyle/To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

Bad start for the day!

Dear diary, I have a lot to vent about today. Let me start by telling you about my not-so-good morning! I hit my pinky toe on the study table while getting out of bed. What a start to the day na

On the breakfast table, grumpy already, I was sipping my juice while scrolling my Instagram feeds and saw some pics of classmates having a sleepover party that my mom did not allow me to go to. That was enough to ruin my mood even more! The funny memes I came across failed to make me laugh. 

While everything was already making me delirious, my brother tried to prank me by throwing his soft toy at me. Guess what! I spilled the juice on my nightdress and broke the glass too! The blame game began between my brother and me, and, like always, mummy came to Reyansh’s rescue! I rushed to the bathroom before hearing any more scoldings from her. 

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Cold vibes! 

In the shower, I realised there was no hot water and dad has not called the plumber yet. I was partially drenched in cold water and was left with no choice but to shower with cold water.

Freezing, I came outside and wore my school uniform and went straight to Mumma to complain. She wasn’t over the incident that happened 15 mins ago, and was surely mad at me even more as I came out shouting. I could get cold vibes from her. 

“What has gotten into you?” she said, her favourite dialogue! I decided not to ask her about the shower and logged in for my online class without eating any breakfast! 

Drama at school!

The drama didn’t end here but continued at the (online) school as well. I logged in late and my teacher had already started the lecture. She got mad at me and gave me a long spiel on timeliness. It was so annoying!

During lunch break too, I did not feel like eating, so I used the time to finish writing the notes from my morning lecture. The online day ended with no further drama, thankfully but as I was logging out, my best friend Avni casually asked me on the class WhatsApp group why I was late to the class.

I don’t know why I felt like she was mocking me, so I really shouted at her and sent her many angry emojis. I also told her I hated her because of all the teachers liked her and not me. She was shocked and then said that I was mean!  

“Really? Mean and me? I mean look at what I weathered all day!” I told her and left the group. 

Food to the rescue 

After changing into my home clothes, I realised there was no one home. I went to the table to see what was for lunch, and I saw it was my favourite rajma rice. I couldn’t resist even a minute and started eating. 

Having my favourite food made me feel better already. I also felt bad about shouting at Avni. She was just asking me the reason for being late and I snapped at her without any reason. 

Now that I am writing about my day today, I realise how grumpy and ill-behaved I was the whole day. What went wrong? Was it because I was hungry all day? Oh! Or could it be my pre-period mood swings? Wait, let me check.

Right, indeed! My periods are due now. I guess I do this drama every month, haina? Avni will be so mad at me. But I guess she’ll understand. She too has her days! Let me text her and say sorry right away!

Photo: Shutterstock/Indianstyle/To protect the identity, the person in the picture is a model and names have been changed. 

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