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That's puzzling!

How do I say no?

Sanjana has always been a big fan of Bollywood films! Little did she know her life would become one! Her best friend of two years Dev has proposed to her. She doesn’t feel the same way for him but does not want to lose his friendship either. Guess what, it’s a Bollywood movie that came to her rescue. Curious…read on!

How do I say no?

Just a little crush 

Sanjana (16) has been close friends with Dev (16) for the past two years. One can regularly spot them hanging out together and usually having a lot of fun. But Dev has been acting a little weird these days. Smiling silly, forgetting his words at one time and talking on and on at other times… Sanjana overlooks it, as she thinks he is just messing with her.

Dev is a confident teenager and enjoys hanging out with Sanjana. He has recently realized that he has feelings for her. 

A crush on Sanjana! After toying with yay and nay, Dev decides to tell Sanjana how he feels about her. He is terrified by the thought of losing her but decides she has to know! 

Are you serious?

Dev meets Sanjana at the basketball class and as always is unable to focus on his game. He even misses his pass and a basket! 

“What’s the matter with you Dev? What’s going on? Chal bata jaldi”, Sanjana catches his arm and asks. 

Overcoming his anxiety, Dev blurts, “I love you Sanju and I can’t keep it quiet anymore! This is what has been troubling me and stressing me out since so many days now. Now that I have shared with you, I will feel better!” 

“What! OMG Dev, you are kidding right!?” says a shocked Sanjana. 

“No I am not. Will you be my girlfriend? We both are such good friends and I am sure I will be the best boyfriend ever. Take your time. Don’t answer now. I am happy to wait”, Dev says looking at Sanjana’s confused expression. 

Sanjana did not anticipate this and felt clueless. She has always seen Dev as her best friend, but nothing more than that. 

She smiles at Dev, takes a deep breath and tells him that she will think and reply. 

Oh what a mess

On her way back, Sanjana keeps thinking about Dev’s proposal. She doesn’t know how to politely turn him down without ruining the friendship or making him feel bad. She feels perplexed and doesn’t know what the right thing to do is. She does not want him to feel bad but she doesn’t want to lie about her feelings either.

All this thinking has got her exhausted. She slumps on her sofa and turns on the TV. Playing on the screen is Kareena and Imran’s ‘Ek Main Aur Ekk Tu’. 

Sanjana starts watching the movie feeling a bit relieved. Only a film could make her feel better at this time. 

Kareena to the rescue

But today, she is finding it difficult to focus on the film. Her mind is somewhere else. She is stressed about Dev. 

But, wait….what? 

Rahul (Imran Khan) has begun to develop feelings towards Riana (Kareen Kapoor). However, Riana does not have any such feelings for Rahul. 

What a coincidence that she should be watching this movie today, Sanjana thinks. Suddenly she is hooked in. 

Riana is talking to Rahul and telling him in the most polite manner that she does feel the same way about him. She is kind, considerate  and just as one is when talking to a friend about their crushes. 

Feelings – your and mine 

Sanjana is now hanging on to every dialogue in the film. Riana makes an effort to talk to Rahul to understand his perspective and instead of making fun of him or humiliating him because she didn’t like him back, she helps him. 

She then explains her feelings and they both reflect on each other’s point of view by politely and respectfully agreeing or disagreeing with each other. 

Despite all of this, Rahul feels bad and is heart broken. But as time progresses and he has had a chance to process his feelings, he returns to his friend Riana. 

Sanjana ponders on this ending long after the credits have rolled. 

A heart to heart 

Hmmm.. so that’s what it would need. A heart to heart with Dev! 

She needs to take time to understand his feelings. She needs to share her feelings with him. And then she needs to give Dev the space to figure out his feelings. All while being super respectful and polite. 

With Riana in her mind, Sanjana decides she will talk to Dev at school tomorrow. She is a little nervous, but hopes it will all be ok! 

A heart to heart

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