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Had a fight with your friend – now how to get back?

You and your friend had a big fight! Now what? You miss them, but you also hate to say sorry or even talk to them. Arguments with friends, bfs/gfs are totally normal, but they don’t have to stick around and make things heavy. So in this week’s Curiosity Central, TeenBook brings some tips on how to make up and keep the friendship alive.



Cool down time 

After a big argument, emotions can be high and words can be hurtful. First things first, take a breather. Put on some music, write in your journal, take a walk, or just talk to yourself in the bathroom (seriously, it helps!). Letting things cool down is like hitting the reset button. Give each other space to untangle those messy emotions.

Stay calm, no grumps 

Even though you’re upset, you don’t need to give your friend/ partner the silent treatment or explode like a volcano. Tell them that you’re not ready to talk yet but that you’re working on it. This stops things from getting worse and shows that you care.

The power of apologies 

Saying sorry is like magic. When you’re ready, genuinely apologize if you messed up. If your friend says sorry first, listen and accept their effort to make things right. Then, talk about why you fought in the first place.

Sorry isn’t the whole story 

Apologies are cool, but don’t stop there. Dig deep and talk about why the fight happened. It’s like fixing a leak instead of just wiping up the water. This step might be a bit tricky, but it’s important. Don’t let those argument ghosts sneak up on you!

Make a gesture

Show your care with a cool gesture. It could be a sweet note, a surprise ice cream treat, or even a chore they’ve been bugging you about. Think about what your friend would love. Go ahead and be cheesy – it’s fun and heartfelt.

Stop texting, go meet them! 

Physical touch is powerful. So don’t just say that sorry on the phone/text but go out and meet them! Give them a little hug, or simply sit next to them. Physical closeness can make you feel better and bring you back together.

When it’s time to move on 

In situations where the fight involves something significant that goes against your values – like a friend being a bully, cheating, or lying about something crucial – it’s okay to consider moving on or breaking up. Your well-being matters most.


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