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‘What the lockdown has taught me’

‘As the lockdown began, I had this vast amount of time that I had no idea how to spend. Getting to know more about my friends (online) and creative activities have been a huge help’, Aadi shares his lockdown diary with TeenBook.

What the lockdown has taught me

I (don’t) miss school

Lockdown has been a strange experience for me. Even though I don’t have to go to school, the work is more stressful than ever. I try and maintain a schedule, but boredom really gets the worst of me. My lockdown days are full of sporadic changes, creative flushes and also a colourful expanse of boredom.

To say I miss school is probably the most accurate statement I can make. Without school, I am unable to talk to many of my friends in person, and it can be quite a challenge for productivity and new ideas. I learned an awful lot more in school than I ever will in distance learning. School really is an open gateway to my social life and my productivity, so not having access to that is a letdown.

However that may be, I must say, I don’t miss the daily early wake-ups to get to school and then the really long days at school. Before the pandemic, I was in school for longer than ten hours, which was mentally taxing for me. I would be marching or swimming for the school team and I never really got a break from it all. 

An ocean of time 

So, after the lockdown began, I immediately came to this vast expanse of time that I had no idea how to spend. This was immediately exciting to me and I began work on some ideas. I started a chat server, where my friends and I could talk and play video games together. We joined together for movie nights, learned new things about each other and eventually we were a small family living online. Outright, that would be the most positive experience I’ve had in a long time. 

Another positive experience has been my creative flow. I redesigned my entire room and even got a monitor to work with. Being an avid photographer, I learned many new things about colours, lighting and quality. I joined in collaborations with other photogs like me (obviously distancing from each other) and we came out with some beautiful and creative photography. 

A mixed blessing 

Lockdown has been somewhat of an experience for me. Boredom struck, but it was a new way for me to figure out new things to do. I’ve also learned a lot of new things about myself during this time and also really connected with the people I love most in a new fashion. Spending time with family, friends and (most importantly) myself, has never been much of an important resource to me in my life. Hopefully I get to learn and mature as we go through these hard times. 

How are you spending you lockdown days? Share with us in the comment box below. Remember, no personal information should be written in the box.  

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