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I don’t want to be an engineer or a doctor

Jigna’s family is loaded with doctors and engineers, so her parents told her to opt for Science, insisting it’s the best choice for the future. But Jigna, who is currently in class 12, doesn’t really want to be an engineer or a doctor, and she’s having a tough time convincing her parents to let her switch to something else. She’s been pouring out her thoughts and struggles in her diary.



Dear Diary,

The past few years have been very tough for me, because of one wrong decision I took four years ago – choosing science as my stream!

As a child in middle school, I was always pretty confused as to what stream I should choose or what I really wanted to do in my life. For those of us with the ICSE board, it’s even tougher, having to make this choice in class 9!  

Hall of shame

Wherever I went, everyone just asked me the same question: “What stream would you choose? What do you want to become?” I never settled on a single answer whenever someone asked about my future aspirations. Astronaut, doctor, teacher, actor—the responses varied each time. 

Many times, I would simply say that I haven’t decided yet, and because of that, many thought that I wasn’t ambitious in life.

One incident is still etched on my memory. Our principal came to our class one day and started asking each of us what we wanted to do after school.

At that point, I had no idea, so I was just listening to my classmates’ answers. Some said they wanted to be engineers, some wanted to be athletes, and it went on.

Finally, it was my turn. I stood up and said, “Ma’am, I haven’t decided yet.” Let me tell you, the looks I got from my classmates that day were something else. I felt pretty embarrassed.

Stuck in the family way

The pressure only intensified as class 9 admissions came upon my head. I had to make a choice. With a family full of engineers and doctors, everyone expected me to follow the same path and I ended up with Science. 

I figured out pretty quickly that this wasn’t my thing. But I never had the courage or clarity to speak to my parents about this.

Whenever I would think about talking to my parents, about how I am not interested in pursuing Science and do not want to make it my future, I get stuck on the question. “If not this, then what?”

And that’s how I ended up in Class 12, still with science, still struggling. 

What next?

So I have finally given this a lot of thought and guess what, I finally have my answer. I would pursue law after school.  And I even talked to my parents about it. 

They are still not convinced that there could be a valid career path outside of engineering but I’m working on it. 

Live in the present

But here’s what I have understood in this journey. it’s totally okay not to have your whole future figured out, even if people give you strange looks. Many folks end up switching careers for various reasons. I understand them well now. 

Sometimes, it’s because our parents push us into a field we’re not really interested in, and later on, we realize it’s not making us happy. So, we need to take time to figure it out. Our path doesn’t have to be set in stone just yet.

So, here’s my message to everyone including myself: Let’s take time to ponder what really counts in life. It’s our journey, and the choices we make should be for ourselves, even if they don’t always lead us down the perfect path. It’s okay to make mistakes too. 

I am not sure if I will be a lawyer one day or follow another path a few years down the line. Whatever the future is, I am ready for it as I am making my own choices. 

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