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What makes us smart?

Ever wondered what makes the topper of your school intelligent than others? Why is someone good at Maths while you struggle? How can someone stay calm in a situation when all you want to do is to give them a piece of their mind! Teenbook is here to help!

What makes us smart

The intelligent me

Our brains, boss, are amazing! They are problem solving, solution finding, complex and hardworking machines. We all apply our minds for every task we do – big or small. Then, why is everyone not the same? Why do some people find it easier to solve maths problems than others? 

This is partly answered by what is known as one’s IQ or the intelligence quotient. IQ is the score one gets after answering a series of standardized tests designed to evaluate human intelligence.  The higher your score, the higher your IQ and the smarter you‘re supposed to be. 

Our genes also play a vital role in the shaping up of our intelligence.  So Mumma and Papa get due credit for passing on the “smarts” to you.  While that’s well and good, genes aren’t everything.  There’s much more to being a “gyani” than just your genetic inheritance.

The emotional me 

However, research shows that IQ tests concentrate more on analytical and memory skills and not on other important skills such as being creative or practical. So, completely relying on them to measure one’s intelligence isn’t the best idea. So here comes EQ! 

Scientists have come up with another parameter called EQ or the emotional quotientFor example, how you handle real life situations or react to others around you using your brain may require more skills and brain power than solving a complicated math problem. 

When it comes to being happy and successful in life, emotional intelligence i.e how you handle situations with your emotions matters just as much; sometimes even more than your intellectual ability.

And how you handle such situations like failure, rejection, or even winning – using your emotions shows your emotional quotient. 

What makes me smarter? 

It’s a combination of the intelligence and emotional quotients that shapes us in the person that we are. But remember that’s not all. It’s a combination of several factors and how we work towards our problems and challenges that determine our smartness and it’s every changing variable. We may be much smarter in handling a particular situation and find the next issue or situation much harder. But here are a few tips you can bear in to develop a stronger and calmer mind. 

  • The saying “you are what you eat” couldn’t be truer when it comes to your brain. Eating right helps your brain work better. You know those walnuts, almonds as well as the greens your parents keep telling you to have? That’s some top class brain nutrition which fuels the grey matter to function better and smarter.
  • A caring, loving and happy environment is extremely helpful for your brain to perform well. Stress or worry can cloud your mind and leave your head with little room to concentrate on other things. It is always better when you’re surrounded by supportive family and friends to get you through the tough days.  You just can’t go wrong with happy thoughts and a positive attitude. Mind it!
  • Your brain is like every other muscle in your body, it needs to be exercised, so challenge it! Puzzles, crosswords, reading, quizzes or learning a new skill are just a few great ways to make you smarter and improve your IQ.
  • Your brain needs proper rest to keep on slaying. Getting the right amount of shut-eye recharges your brain to make it more efficient. Meditation, music or just chilling and relaxing your brain also help to keep it fresh. 
  • You are surrounded by so many gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and computer desktops. Excessive use of gadgets can cause damage to our brains cells by affecting our memory and attention spans. The harmful radiations emitted from the gadgets are not good for brain health. If you want to be smarter, detox yourself digitally on weekends and limit your exposure to gadgets to 2-4 hours a day. 

What makes me smarter

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