Teen guides

How are babies are born? Is this question confusing you? Let's read about it on Teenbook.

Want to know how you came into this world? Here is a simple guide to decode this topic for you. Learn more here.

Decode that special feeling you feel about someone around you. A short guide on crushes for teenagers. Read it here.

Understand why you feel attracted to someone, what is physical attraction and more in this simple guide.

Learn how to keep yourself safe from bullying, unwanted touches, drugs or sexually transmitted diseases.

Learn why we get stressed and how to handle it without breaking a sweat. Simple guide to manage stress by Teenbook.

Periods cause a lot of confusion among teens. Let's understand about it in one article on Teenbook.

Puberty brings with it physical and emotional changes in the body. Understand transition from childhood to adulthood with Teenbook....

Growing up is complicated. With all the changes in body and mind, it can be tough. TeenBook can help you cope better. Find out here.

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