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  1. Actually i had a crush and she know that and we were good friends but she never likes my pics in insta but she like my friend’s pic and she never text until i do…before many times we confessed(she also) and we’re like besties… But idk wt happened slowly slowly the bonding is getting low… I used to text her 1st to be in touch but as she never text me 1st ,i decided to not… it’s been 1 month and she never did….idk wt i should do…?

  2. Hiii, when I was A child at the age of 4-5 years I had a Girl Best friend and After 1 year, Our parents changed our schools, he in some other school and I in some other school We did not meet for many years then after 9 to 10 years we met in a tuition center I was very happy and maybe she too But now she does not talk to me like before, whereas earlier she was my best friend. We still study together in the same tution what should i do ?

    Please di Help me 🥺

    1. People change Krish. Chances are that at 4-5 years – you just started school and you do not even know the definition of best friends! You were just kids. She grew up. Maybe she does not even remember much about you. My advice – say Hi to her and be friends with her first! Then see how she reacts !

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