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    Why can’t I watch an ‘A’ movie?

    Himani Bakhda | Nov 30th, 2021
    Avanti, 14, overheard a bunch of friends in her class talk excitedly about an ‘A’ rated (18+ film) on Netflix. This made her curious. So, after school she tried to watch an ‘A’ film on her sister Manali’s (19) laptop. Here’s what happens next… A for Adventure Avanti was eating her lunch during the break Continue reading...
  • My bff told my secrets to everyone!

    Disha | On 24-09-2020
    Hey Disha! I liked one guy in class and only shared it with my best friend. Now she has told my secret to everyone and that guy too! She has also told everyone some mean things I said about teachers in the past. Now everyone thinks of me as a ‘bigdi hui ladki’. And I Continue reading...
  • ‘But..we don’t get any marks for it!’

    Sanya Ghai | On 22-09-2020
    Atharva, 14, has always seen school as a place for academics. He never takes part in any extracurricular activities and finds them boring. Why should he learn them when he won’t get any marks for it? Why should I?  It’s the art festival week at Atharva’s school. The theme was diversity. Everyone was busy making Continue reading...
  • ‘I felt foolish!’

    Umeza Peera | On 16-09-2020
    Akash (16) asks Ariana (16) for help with science. Ariana reluctantly agrees but soon they are spending hours chatting. One day Ariana’s friends tell her was all part of a dare. Ariana couldn’t believe it and decided to confront Akash. Read on to find out what happens next. ‘The smartest girl’  I was in the Continue reading...
  • When Little Red met Big Bad Wolf online!

    Himani Bakhda | On 31-08-2020
    As a child, you must have heard the story of Little Red Riding Hood, who was chased by the big bad wolf. Now read the 2020 version with a TeenBook twist! All by herself Once upon a time, there was a timid and shy teenage girl, her name was Little Red Riding Hood. In school, Continue reading...
  • ‘Do all boys do it?’

    Sraboni Bhattacharya | On 25-08-2020
    Rohan (13) overheard the word masturbation at school and was clueless what it meant and why his seniors assumed that all people of his age do it. He comes home and catches his elder brother Reyansh off guard with his curiosity. Did he get answers to all his questions? The senior group talk  Eighth graders Continue reading...
  • When Kubja became confident!

    Anu Shakti Singh | On 18-08-2020
    Have you heard the story of Kubri Kubja – whom Krishna turned into a beautiful woman? Now read this story with a Teenbook Twist! Why Kubja?  Once upon a time there lived a girl in the city named Mathura. She was clever, intelligent and cared for everyone. The girl loved picking flowers and making different Continue reading...
  • What makes us smart?

    Nehaa Singh | On 14-08-2020
    Ever wondered what makes the topper of your school intelligent than others? Why is someone good at Maths while you struggle? How can someone stay calm in a situation when all you want to do is to give them a piece of their mind! Teenbook is here to help! The intelligent me Our brains, boss, Continue reading...
  • Do periods smell bad?

    Umeza Peera | On 11-08-2020
    Alia’s (12) friend Meera had her first periods. Her friends seem to think that Meera started with her periods first because she is a bit overweight. Is that true? Alia asks her elder sister Shikha. What do you think she said? Is that why? “You won’t yell at me if I ask you something didi?” Continue reading...
  • Why do we discriminate?

    Dhruv N | On 20-07-2020
    Dhruv (14) is an Indian living in America. When he came across #BlackLivesMatter on social media, he couldn’t help relate to it. He shared a page from his diary with TeenBook. Those jokes about Indians The recent news of George Floyd’s death – a 46-year-old black American man, who died after being arrested by police Continue reading...