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Eight kinds of intelligence: Which one is yours?

If we were to ask you, what is that one question that you have to answer all the time, we bet your answer will be – Beta bade ho kar kya karoge! And if you are clueless about how to answer that, here’s a fun way to find out where your calling lies! We are digging into the world of multiple intelligences to help you figure out which ones you possess and which ones you should bank on for a future career. So what are you waiting for? Let’s dig in!

 1. Google Map of the gang

You are the one with spatial intelligence. You never get lost because you always remember directions! This means you’re also awesome at thinking in abstract (good at solving puzzles) and in multiple dimensions – just like Dr Strange and his metaverse! 

  1. Shakira or Sharapova of your group

    You are the one bodily-kinesthetic intelligence! This is all about using your body in cool ways. Dance like Shakira and play like Sharapova! You’re a hands-on learner who excels in physical activities. Whether it’s dancing, sports, or anything that requires hand-eye coordination, you rock at it! 
  2. The Prateek Kuhad or Charlie Puths of the group

Are you the one who is a go to person in the parties, gatherings and get-togethers when someone says – arre gaana ho jaye! You are the one with musical intelligence! If you have this intelligence, you’re a natural when it comes to rhythm, pitch, and melody. You can spot musical patterns, recognize notes, and easily recall songs. Your sense of rhythm is on point!

  1. Move aside Shakespeare 

You are the one linguistic intelligence! You could also be labelled the grammar nazi but having linguistic intelligence means you have a deep appreciation for words and their meanings. You love storytelling and debating and have a vivid imagination. Learning new languages? Piece of cake for you!

  1. Sheldons of the gang  

If you enjoy solving puzzles, playing chess, or diving into scientific experiments, logical-mathematical intelligence is your jam. The Big Bang Theory could possibly be your favourite show! You’re a logical thinker who loves cracking mysteries. A favourite of your Maths teacher, maybe? 

  1. Bring on Ranveer Singh 

You are the one blessed with interpersonal intelligence! This means you’re a people person and make friends easily. You easily understand other people’s moods, feelings, and motivations. Being a great team player and a natural leader, people love talking to you because you’re so relatable! 

  1. Hermione – More than just a nerd

Intuition matters and that’s what makes Hermione so brilliant at her skills. People with Intrapersonal intelligence work hard. You would often enjoy working alone and trust your intuition. This one is all about knowing yourself. You’re highly self-aware and in touch with your own feelings, goals, and anxieties. 

  1. Bear Grylls of the gang 

Last but not least, we have naturalistic intelligence. You have a deep connection with nature and can understand all its amazing details. You probably have a pet – a cat or a dog or a balcony full of plants! You’re the go-to person for identifying plants, animals, and anything related to the natural world. Outdoor activities and exploring nature are your happy places.

So, that’s the scoop on multiple intelligences! There is no one way to be intelligent and our brains can be smart in so many cool ways! So, embrace your individual type and keep unleashing your amazing talents. The world is waiting for you to shine! Keep exploring and rock on! 

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