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    How to keep New Year resolutions?

    Rishika | On 05-01-2021
    “I will exercise regularly”, “I will not eat junk food”, “I will study seriously”. Ever wondered why we make New Year resolutions? And more importantly how to keep them! Then stop wondering and read on. We’ve got it all covered – in this edition of Science Lab. New Year, New Me! You must have heard Continue reading...

    What makes you unique!

    Nehaa Singh | Aug 10th, 2022
    Want to find out why you have curly hair but your friend has straight hair? Or why do you look like your mom but your brother does not? TeenBook is here to help The genie of genes Genes are fascinating! They basically define the traits you inherit from your parents. They provide the information that Continue reading...
  • What is an erection?

    Team TeenBook | On 14-07-2021
    Arush, 13, was really confused while brushing his teeth in the morning when he felt something in his shorts. Why was his penis feeling a bit hard and erect? It also happened to him while watching a movie the other day. Is it normal? Should he tell someone? Science Lab comes to Arush’s aid. The Continue reading...
  • Why do boys have a ball in their throat!

    Nehaa Singh | On 14-09-2020
    Ever wondered about that ball shaped object bobbing up and down in boys’ throats? Did you know it’s called Adam’s apple. Why don’t girls have it? Let’s talk about it in this week’s Science lab. So that ball shaped object bobbing up and down in your father’s or brother’s necks when he’s drinking a glass Continue reading...
  • What makes us smart?

    Nehaa Singh | On 14-08-2020
    Ever wondered what makes the topper of your school intelligent than others? Why is someone good at Maths while you struggle? How can someone stay calm in a situation when all you want to do is to give them a piece of their mind! Teenbook is here to help! The intelligent me Our brains, boss, Continue reading...