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What and who are trusted adults?

Disha | On 07-09-2022
‘Hey Disha, you keep referring to trusted adults in your posts. Isn’t it the same as our parents?’ What’s the... Read More

My friend never pays attention to what I say

Disha | On 06-09-2022
Hey Disha, my friend Shagun (and even a few others I am close to) never pay attention to what I have to say, like ever. I listen to all her problems, cribs and also her... Read More

How to convince parents for a pet?

Disha | On 10-08-2022
Hi Disha, I want to get home a puppy so badly but my mom says it’s going to be very tough. My dad too didn’t support my request. Abeerjas, 13, Sonipat. Bringing home... Read More

Science Lab

Logic behind all things teen

What makes you unique!

Nehaa Singh | On 10-08-2022
Want to find out why you have curly hair but your friend has straight hair? Or why do you look like your mom but your... Read More

Why is junk food irresistible?

Rishika | On 09-08-2022
In 2020, we haven’t been able to eat much outside due to the pandemic and are craving for outside food (read junk... Read More

What makes us happy?

Rishika | On 09-08-2022
For some it’s food, for others its exercise or a good book! Yes, we are talking about what makes us happy. Ever... Read More

Who discovered adolescence?

Umeza Peera | On 09-08-2022
Did you know that adolescence was first discovered by American psychologist G.Stanley Hall as a distinct phase of human... Read More

What’s the white sticky thing on my underwear?

Team TeenBook | On 08-04-2022
That thing you see is called vaginal discharge, a sticky, white or watery fluid that begins to come from the vaginal... Read More

Curiosity Central

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What are Tampons and how to use them?

Team TeenBook | On 13-09-2022
Suhani wanted to swim in her inter-school competition but she was so stressed out about it that her periods started a... Read More

Is everything on the internet real?

Team TeenBook | On 07-09-2022
‘What’s the solution to this maths problem?’ – Let’s Google bro, maybe Brainly has an answer! ‘Why is my head hurting on the left side?’ Let me Google... Read More

Anxious, depressed or just in a low mood?

Team TeenBook | On 07-09-2022
We often end up using terms interchangeably to describe a not-so-happy state of mind. But what’s the difference really and when should we seek help, and from whom? We... Read More

Canteen Talk

Chit-chat from across the country

‘My parents are separating’

Sanya Ghai | On 10-08-2022
Mehul’s parents are separating and he is feeling really stressed about how his life is going to change forever. As he... Read More

‘But…we all are poles apart!’

Sanya Ghai | On 10-08-2022
Meeta, Sagar, Hemant and Dia are very different from each other. They have been assigned a common group to work... Read More

‘What if they don’t believe me?’

Shreya Mishra | On 10-08-2022
Sameer (14) has been trying to avoid talking to anyone for the last few days and Neha (14), his childhood best friend,... Read More

How can I give him my Dad’s place?

Umeza Peera | On 03-09-2021
Shanika (14) is sad during her online classes and her friends notice this. Why? Her mother wants her to meet someone,... Read More

‘I wish he had spoken to us’

Team TeenBook | On 09-08-2021
Riddhima tells her friends about their classmate Vihaan who had just tried to hurt himself after he failed in several... Read More

Ask The Expert

Practical advice you can trust

Should children be taught about sex?

Niyatii N Shah | On 10-08-2022
When it comes to sex education, parents unanimously vote for the abstinence approach, meaning they do not want their... Read More

Under pressure for first kiss?

Niyatii N Shah | On 10-08-2022
So almost all your friends have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And many are bragging about their first kiss? And not only do you feel left out, but also under pressure to... Read More

How to make a good decision?

Vithika Yadav | On 20-07-2022
Humanities or Science? Books or shoes? Going out with friends or family? Buying a laptop or a phone? Are you always confused whenever you have a decision to make? You... Read More

Feelings Express

Your moods, your stories

‘I felt ugly’

Umeza Peera | On 26-08-2022
Navya (17) caught her boyfriend Ayan (18) cheating on her. She was devastated and experienced a storm of emotions, and... Read More

‘I felt very disturbed’

Diksha Arya | On 10-08-2022
Smoking is an addiction and it becomes very hard to quit. TeenBook has tips to help you get rid of this habit. Find out... Read More

‘I just deactivated my Insta’

Sanya Ghai | On 10-08-2022
“Is it really so important to be super active on social media, reply on time to everything, wish people birthdays and... Read More

‘I felt left out’

Sanya Ghai | On 09-08-2022
Lately, Sneha (15) has been feeling that her friends are ignoring her. She feels hurt but is not sure why this was... Read More

I don’t feel good :(

Nehaa Singh | On 08-08-2022
Riddhima (13), a happy, self-proclaimed “goofball” became a victim of bullying. It tore down her confidence and... Read More

That's puzzling!

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Is this love or control?

Umeza Peera | On 10-08-2022
Payal (16) was in relationship with Sahil (16) and they both shared everything with each other; even their passwords.... Read More

‘Should I hold her hand?’

Nehaa Singh | On 09-08-2022
Going on a first date and confused about what to wear, where to go and many other things? TeenBook has tips for your help. Need some advice Samar (14) is excited that he... Read More

Why can’t I punch him back!

Umeza Peera | On 09-08-2022
Aman is very angry. He has been suspended from school. But all he did was stop Rajat’s bullying. Why is he in the wrong? Why isn’t anyone saying anything to Rajat?... Read More

Twist in the tale

Old tales with a teentastic 21st century twist

Try being a girl for a day?

Himani Bakhda | On 10-08-2022
What if you wake up one day feeling different? Not just a different feeling but a different person, of a different... Read More

The reel and the real life of Jack

Himani Bakhda | On 26-08-2021
Have you heard this famous fable of the blue Jackal, who fell into a tub of blue dye and was mistaken as a God by other... Read More

Romeo and Juliet: The 2021 edition!

Umeza Peera | On 17-05-2021
Remember “Romeo and Juliet?. They both could not think of a life beyond each other. But if Romeo and Juliet lived... Read More

When the lion actually came!

Sanya Ghai | On 11-03-2021
Many of you must have heard the story of ‘Sher aaya sher’ where a habitual liar gets killed by the lion because no... Read More

Slow, steady wins the race?

Himani Bakhda | On 03-12-2020
Presenting ‘The Hare and The Tortoise’ story with a TeenBook twist! Just imagine Annie (11) to be the tortoise... Read More

My Diary

Your scribbling matters

‘Why does she treat me like this?’

Shreya Mishra | On 08-08-2022
Mahi (14) is not sure why Tia, her best friend, is behaving in a strange way and not letting her talk to anyone. She... Read More

‘What if Mumma found out?’

Team TeenBook | On 31-07-2022
It’s so hot and Ishaan has been wearing socks the whole day. He didn’t take them off for a second. He can’t take a chance. ‘What if someone saw me, the real... Read More

‘What if I am not as good as her?’

Sanya Ghai | On 30-07-2022
Samaira (14) is a wonderful dancer but she keeps comparing herself to Jiya. This is not just hampering her peace of mind but also her self-esteem. She shares a page of... Read More