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I failed my exams, what do I do?

Disha | On 13-05-2024
Hi Disha. I just checked out my midterm results and they’re… not good. I am freaking out. How will I tell my... Read More

My parents switched my school. I am so nervous!

Disha | On 10-04-2024
Hey Disha! Guess what? My mumma and papa dropped a bombshell – they’re switching my school!  I’m kinda freaking out about starting over in a new place.... Read More

How can I get a girl I like to kiss me?

Disha | On 01-04-2024
Disha, there’s a girl in my coaching class. She always sits with me and we regularly exchange notes, smiles and likes me. How can I convince her to kiss me? ... Read More

Science Lab

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What makes you unique!

Nehaa Singh | On 10-05-2024
Want to find out why you have curly hair but your friend has straight hair? Or why do you look like your mom but your... Read More

What makes us happy?

Rishika | On 19-04-2024
For some it’s food, for others its exercise or a good book! Yes, we are talking about what makes us happy. Ever... Read More

Have you been very tired lately?

Team TeenBook | On 22-02-2024
Do your friends keep telling you that you look a little pale? Or have you felt some weaknesses, some sluggishness?... Read More

Breast pain during periods and other questions answered

Team TeenBook | On 23-01-2024
Why are my breasts growing so fast? What is their normal size? Why do they hurt during periods? Let’s tackle all... Read More

Why do teens feel more and think less :)

Ridhima | On 18-12-2023
Ever wondered why your emotions sometimes overpower your logic? In this Science Lab article, Ridhima explores the epic... Read More

Curiosity Central

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What are PCOS and PCOD?

Team TeenBook | On 13-04-2024
Ahana, 16, is facing a lot of problems with her menstrual cycle. Her periods are irregular and painful. Her mother... Read More

But you said yes last time…

Team TeenBook | On 31-03-2024
“But you were okay with it earlier”, Aryan told Sara when she refused to let him kiss her. He further argued by saying, “but you said yes last time!” This kind... Read More

Troubles down there? Tricks for tidy privates

Team TeenBook | On 18-09-2023
Why does it smell funny down there? Should I use soap to clean my vulva/penis? Can I use perfume there? Are such questions on your mind? This week’s Curiosity Cental... Read More

Canteen Talk

Chit-chat from across the country

Is paneer overrated? Understanding perspectives

Shreya Misra | On 12-06-2024
Say hello to Aarav and Riya, the ultimate frenemy duo always on the hunt for their next debate topic. This time,... Read More

‘What if they don’t believe me?’

Shreya Mishra | On 30-04-2024
Sameer (14) has been trying to avoid talking to anyone for the last few days and Neha (14), his childhood best friend,... Read More

How to initiate talking with parents?

Shreya | On 20-04-2024
Have you ever found talking to your parents to be like navigating a maze without a map? We’ve all been there. How do... Read More

‘My parents are separating’

Sanya Ghai | On 10-04-2024
Mehul’s parents are separating and he is feeling really stressed about how his life is going to change forever. As he... Read More

How to stop being a bully?

Sanya Ghai | On 29-02-2024
Mehul, 13, enjoys sitting at the front of his class for attention from his teacher, and has a reputation for being... Read More

Ask The Expert

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Why is it important to understand feelings?

Arshi Alam | On 24-04-2024
How do you feel today? Happy? Sad? Excited? Sacred? Overwhelmed? Accepted? Powerful? Furious? Jealous? Energetic?... Read More

Under pressure for first kiss?

Niyatii N Shah | On 05-12-2023
So almost all your friends have a boyfriend or a girlfriend. And many are bragging about their first kiss? And not only do you feel left out, but also under pressure to... Read More

How to handle rejection?

Vithika Yadav | On 10-10-2023
Whether it’s a role in a school play or a proposal, everyone ends up getting rejected at some point. And it’s a fact of life: being told ‘no’ hurts. It can be... Read More

Feelings Express

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‘I felt embarrassed’

Kartik | On 01-05-2024
Kartik (16) recalls his first day in school when everyone laughed at him and teased him by calling names. What exactly... Read More

I sometimes wish to go back to lockdown life!

Amrita | On 07-01-2024
Reflecting on her life three years after the COVID-19 pandemic, Amrita experienced profound changes and challenges.... Read More

I want to be on the field but on my terms!

Lkisha | On 01-12-2023
Kanika (15) loves football at school, but she and her friends are worried about continuing with the sport. Are their... Read More

Yes, I am ‘fat’ but I accept myself

Umeza | On 11-10-2023
Sanah, a 16-year-old teen is grappling with obesity. She has been fat-shamed, called names, and looked down upon but it... Read More

‘I did not feel ready for it’

Umeza Peera | On 18-08-2023
Ananya (16) has started dating Ronit (17) the most handsome boy in the college, she is feeling on top of the world. She... Read More

That's puzzling!

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How to handle peer pressure?

Abhimanyu R | On 07-05-2024
Everyone faces peer pressure about some or the other thing – sometimes it’s a PS4 or a smartphone that your... Read More

What to do when someone posts your photos online?

Team Teenbook | On 17-01-2024
When Tia, a 16-year-old, discovered that an intimate video she had shared with her then-boyfriend was circulating in her school’s WhatsApp group post-breakup, she... Read More

Collaboration, connection, creativity: The art of teen networking

Paras | On 22-12-2023
Have you ever wondered how to make your dreams bigger and cooler? Get ready to explore something super cool – teen networking! But what is it, and how do you do it?... Read More

Twist in the tale

Old tales with a teentastic 21st century twist

When Cinderella met the Princess!

Team TeenBook | On 29-11-2023
What happens when the famous fairytale of Cinderella gets a TeenBook twist! It’s love and magic as we like it in... Read More

When the lion actually came!

Sanya Ghai | On 11-10-2023
Many of you must have heard the story of ‘Sher aaya sher’ where a habitual liar gets killed by the lion because no... Read More

Slow, steady wins the race?

Himani Bakhda | On 03-09-2023
Presenting ‘The Hare and The Tortoise’ story with a TeenBook twist! Just imagine Annie (11) to be the tortoise... Read More

When Cinderella saved herself!

Himani Bakhda | On 16-07-2023
Every Cinderella does not need a prince. All she needs is a dream and a heart that doesn’t give up! Presenting... Read More

The reel and the real life of Jack

Himani Bakhda | On 26-08-2021
Have you heard this famous fable of the blue Jackal, who fell into a tub of blue dye and was mistaken as a God by other... Read More

My Diary

Your scribbling matters

I don’t raise my hand despite knowing the right answer!

Shreya Misra | On 23-04-2024
Ritika (15) panics at the thought of talking to strangers or speaking in a big group. At first, she thought it was just... Read More

‘He would laugh at me for asking things’

Shreya Mishra | On 15-04-2024
Shagun (15) felt humiliated when her boyfriend would laugh at small things and make fun of her. Earlier she thought that he was just teasing her. But it somehow did not... Read More

Am I beautiful?

Nisha | On 16-02-2024
Kanika,15, was shopping for groceries with her mom at the store. During her visit, she encountered a salesgirl who aggressively promoted a beauty cream, insisting that... Read More