Ask Disha

The coolest trusted adult in India

I can’t concentrate on studies, help!

Disha | On 21-02-2023
Disha help me! I get easily distracted and feel I can’t focus on anything for a long time! I keep scrolling... Read More
trusted adults

What and who are trusted adults?

Disha | On 07-02-2023
‘Hey Disha, you keep referring to trusted adults in your posts. Isn’t it the same as our parents?’ What’s the difference and if there is one, where do you find... Read More

I want a phone, but parents won’t allow!

Disha | On 25-01-2023
Hey Disha, everyone in my class has a phone. I actually need it for my classes or just to stay in touch with friends. But my parents won’t allow me to have one. It... Read More

Science Lab

Logic behind all things teen

What makes you unique!

Nehaa Singh | On 10-08-2022
Want to find out why you have curly hair but your friend has straight hair? Or why do you look like your mom but your... Read More

Why is junk food irresistible?

Rishika | On 09-08-2022
In 2020, we haven’t been able to eat much outside due to the pandemic and are craving for outside food (read junk... Read More

What makes us happy?

Rishika | On 09-08-2022
For some it’s food, for others its exercise or a good book! Yes, we are talking about what makes us happy. Ever... Read More

Who discovered adolescence?

Umeza Peera | On 09-08-2022
Did you know that adolescence was first discovered by American psychologist G.Stanley Hall as a distinct phase of human... Read More

What’s the white sticky thing on my underwear?

Team TeenBook | On 08-04-2022
That thing you see is called vaginal discharge, a sticky, white or watery fluid that begins to come from the vaginal... Read More

Curiosity Central

Station for all confusions
teenager stressed about exams

How to handle exams?

Team TeenBook | On 21-02-2023
Exams, in any form, can be a source of stress and anxiety for many of us – some feel sleepless before an exam,... Read More

What are PCOS and PCOD?

Team TeenBook | On 13-02-2023
Ahana, 16, is facing a lot of problems with her menstrual cycle. Her periods are irregular and painful. Her mother noticed her discomfort and took her to a doctor. After... Read More

Why does my vagina itch?

Team TeenBook | On 20-12-2022
Navya (15)  often has that sudden and dire need to itch down there. It leaves her embarrassed, especially in her class, in front of other students. It sometimes bothers... Read More

Canteen Talk

Chit-chat from across the country

Why are you wearing full sleeves in summer?

Himani Bakhda | On 25-11-2022
Aarushi (16) was sitting with her friend Namita (16) and Drishti (16) during recess. She was constantly pulling down... Read More

‘My parents are separating’

Sanya Ghai | On 10-08-2022
Mehul’s parents are separating and he is feeling really stressed about how his life is going to change forever. As he... Read More

‘But…we all are poles apart!’

Sanya Ghai | On 10-08-2022
Meeta, Sagar, Hemant and Dia are very different from each other. They have been assigned a common group to work... Read More

‘What if they don’t believe me?’

Shreya Mishra | On 10-08-2022
Sameer (14) has been trying to avoid talking to anyone for the last few days and Neha (14), his childhood best friend,... Read More

How can I give him my Dad’s place?

Umeza Peera | On 03-09-2021
Shanika (14) is sad during her online classes and her friends notice this. Why? Her mother wants her to meet someone,... Read More

Ask The Expert

Practical advice you can trust

How to make a good decision?

Vithika Yadav | On 24-01-2023
Humanities or Science? Books or shoes? Going out with friends or family? Buying a laptop or a phone? Are you always... Read More

Why is it important to understand feelings?

Arshi Alam | On 24-01-2023
How do you feel today? Happy? Sad? Excited? Sacred? Overwhelmed? Accepted? Powerful? Furious? Jealous? Energetic? Perplexed? Confused? So many emotions! How do you... Read More

How to deal with failures?

Dr Shishir Palsapure | On 06-01-2023
‘I told you to study more, now look at your marks!’ ‘Did you give your 100%, no!’ ‘The whole day you are on your phone, yeh to hona he tha’. Do these... Read More

Feelings Express

Your moods, your stories

I felt happy and guilty!

Team TeenBook | On 11-01-2023
Meher (18) crushed over Viaan (19) for a couple of years and both were thick friends now. They both were at a party... Read More

‘I felt embarrassed’

Kartik | On 01-12-2022
Kartik (16) recalls his first day in school when everyone laughed at him and teased him by calling names. What exactly... Read More

‘I felt ugly’

Umeza Peera | On 26-08-2022
Navya (17) caught her boyfriend Ayan (18) cheating on her. She was devastated and experienced a storm of emotions, and... Read More

‘I felt very disturbed’

Diksha Arya | On 10-08-2022
Smoking is an addiction and it becomes very hard to quit. TeenBook has tips to help you get rid of this habit. Find out... Read More

‘I just deactivated my Insta’

Sanya Ghai | On 10-08-2022
“Is it really so important to be super active on social media, reply on time to everything, wish people birthdays and... Read More

That's puzzling!

The solution is right here

Teenage acne: How to deal with it?

Team TeenBook | On 20-03-2023
Sana (14) is so frustrated with acne on her face for the last year. Her skin was absolutely normal since childhood, but... Read More

‘His touch did not feel good, what can I do?’

Team TeenBook | On 16-01-2023
Ria travels to school by public transport. On the bus, a man touched her breasts and it made her feel uncomfortable. She was not sure if it was by accident or on... Read More

What is transitioning?

Team TeenBook | On 06-01-2023
Sia (15) met Manan (18) after a week at their evening basketball class. Manan looked a bit different. When she asked, Manan said, “I am transitioning.” Sia could not... Read More

Twist in the tale

Old tales with a teentastic 21st century twist

Try being a girl for a day?

Himani Bakhda | On 10-08-2022
What if you wake up one day feeling different? Not just a different feeling but a different person, of a different... Read More

The reel and the real life of Jack

Himani Bakhda | On 26-08-2021
Have you heard this famous fable of the blue Jackal, who fell into a tub of blue dye and was mistaken as a God by other... Read More

Romeo and Juliet: The 2021 edition!

Umeza Peera | On 17-05-2021
Remember “Romeo and Juliet?. They both could not think of a life beyond each other. But if Romeo and Juliet lived... Read More

When the lion actually came!

Sanya Ghai | On 11-03-2021
Many of you must have heard the story of ‘Sher aaya sher’ where a habitual liar gets killed by the lion because no... Read More

Slow, steady wins the race?

Himani Bakhda | On 03-12-2020
Presenting ‘The Hare and The Tortoise’ story with a TeenBook twist! Just imagine Annie (11) to be the tortoise... Read More

My Diary

Your scribbling matters

I don’t raise my hand despite knowing the right answer!

Shreya Misra | On 23-12-2022
Ritika (15) panics at the thought of talking to strangers or speaking in a big group. At first, she thought it was just... Read More

A hairy adventure gone wrong!

Sukanya Ghosh | On 11-11-2022
We rarely talk about the first time we notice our genital organs or the changes that occur in these organs during puberty. Isn’t it so? Well, not with our dear Trisha... Read More

‘He would laugh at me for asking things’

Shreya Mishra | On 28-10-2022
Shagun (15) felt humiliated when her boyfriend would laugh at small things and make fun of her. Earlier she thought that he was just teasing her. But it somehow did not... Read More