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All teenage dilemmas in one show!

Have you seen the new teen show on Netflix? The one about an Indian family living in the US. It revolves around Devi, a 15 year old high-schooler, who has been through a very recent trauma and is navigating her life through a strict mother, an academic nemesis, friendship and a very hot crush! Shreya (aka known as muggle_sings on Insta) reviews Never Have I Ever for TeenBook!
Teenage Dilemmas

The most amazing school life

First of all, for anyone dreaming about the most awesome and independent school life, this show gives us just that! Devi is a weirdly funny and short tempered teenager who can be a tad bit impulsive at times. She goes to a school with no uniform and no heavy bag packs. I mean just imagine! She is also shown going to therapy to deal with her traumas which I really feel needs to be talked about more in India too.

The thing I loved the most was their way of showing the teenagers dealing with their numerous insecurities in such a subtle manner. Whether it’s about being the only one without a boyfriend/girlfriend, their looks or the fear that your crush may not like you back or in this case even about being a virgin. The overdramatic best friend and the sassy principle add the most natural touch of humour to it, which adds to the fun. It also shows one of Devi’s friends dealing with their sexuality only proving how important the support of friends and family could mean to a person going through something similar.

Laughing through the pain

One thing I loved about the show was factual and relatable references that just made the show all the more real for me. From binge watching Big Bang Theory to Riverdale, world domination by BTS or Nick Jonas marrying Priyanka (raising hopes for all of us girls with crushes on Hollywood actors), almost everything was relatable!

It may have been a bit predictable at some points, like the hottest guy falling for the not-so-popular girl in the end or the arch-nemesis turned love interest (oops sorry about the giveaways!), but that did not stop me from enjoying it any less. The teachers trying to use millennial slangs, the hilarious background commentary and the best friend’s dumb over reaction will definitely keep you entertained. You’ll find yourself smiling or even laughing at moments that are otherwise emotional.

The new crush for us all

It may not be a very fun watch for boys maybe, because let’s be honest girls could relate way more than the guys here. But they could still enjoy it nonetheless.

Overall the show was a very fun watch for me. I mean who doesn’t enjoy a little drama, some comedy and a lot of relatable situations. Plus Paxton isn’t just Devi’s crush anymore, he’s all of ours’.

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