You’ve heard your friends talk about these terms or perhaps in a recent movie you were watching. Or there could be some emotions you...

What does LGBTQIA mean?

Are you wondering that everyone in your class has a girlfriend and you do not? Is it a big deal? Teenbook is here to help.

'I don’t have a girlfriend!' :(

Being confined to the four walls of home for such a long time has not been easy. No friends, no play time, schools shut - all this...

Future of the country locked at home!

Does everyone at school teases you saying you behave like a girl because you play badminton and dodgeball and participate in home...

I'm teased for being girly, help!

Does it confuse you when you hear stories about people who change their gender from a boy to a girl or a girl to a boy? This is called...

What is transitioning?

Diary of an Indian teenager boy living in America. He talks about how why people discriminate and how #BlackLivesMatter affected him....

Why do we discriminate?

It’s June and Aahana (13) has seen several rainbow flags on her Instagram page. She wasn’t really sure what country the flag belonged...

Which country has a rainbow flag?

It’s so hot and Ishaan has been wearing socks the whole day. He didn’t take them off for a second. He can’t take a chance. 'What if...

‘What if Mumma found out?’

Want to know how you came into this world? Here is a simple guide to decode this topic for you. Learn more here.

Diversity: An equal world

Decode that special feeling you feel about someone around you. A short guide on crushes for teenagers. Read it here.

Crush and more: The new feelings

Learn why we get stressed and how to handle it without breaking a sweat. Simple guide to manage stress by Teenbook.

Stress: Here's how to deal with it

Understand how growth hormones - Testosterone and Estrogen - impact you especially during puberty, adolescence and teenage.

Growth hormones: All you need to know

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