16-18 Years

Does your boyfriend feel jealous of you when you talk to other boys? Or asks you to share passwords or checks your messages? Is this...

Is this love or control?

Hey Disha, my mom scolded me a lot when she found out I have a boyfriend. I am so sad and don’t understand what to do! Drishti, 16....

How to deal with my upset Mom?

Greed is the root of all evils! Never open any links without checking their authenticity. Usually, unsafe links are hidden behind...

You have been fooled!

Why are boys treated different than girls? Why do girls have to do all the household work and also not allowed for a night stay while...

Why should boys have all the fun?

The new year has barely begun and we already have so much to talk about! Schools are reopening, WhatsApp has been in a bit of a soup,...

Hello 2021!

COVID, sanitizer, pandemic, masks, dictionary, English

What are the top words of 2020?

Do you think that your friends are selfish and are just with your for their work or selfish motive? Ajay too feels same. Read his...

 ‘I felt used’

Why do parents get divorced? What happens to the kids after divorce? This article of Teenbook has all the answers.

‘My parents are separating’

Ever wondered what exactly happens inside our body when we feel good or happy? This TeenBook article will answer your questions.

What makes us happy?

Are you scared that saying no to drinking alcohol will make you uncool? Do not fear, read this article by Teenbook.

‘I felt so uncool but ...’

Is it infatuation or is it love? Confused? Read this article by TeenBook to get the answer.

What  is infatuation?

Have you seen the new documentary movie - “The social dilemma” on Netflix? Check out the review on TeenBook.

All about ‘The Social Dilemma’

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