Better Relationships

Does your boyfriend feel jealous of you when you talk to other boys? Or asks you to share passwords or checks your messages? Is this...

Is this love or control?

Hey Disha, my mom scolded me a lot when she found out I have a boyfriend. I am so sad and don’t understand what to do! Drishti, 16....

How to deal with my upset Mom?

Many of you must have heard the story of ‘Sher aaya sher’ where a habitual liar gets killed by the lion because no one comes to help...

When the lion actually came!

Do you think that your friends are selfish and are just with your for their work or selfish motive? Ajay too feels same. Read his...

 ‘I felt used’

Why do parents get divorced? What happens to the kids after divorce? This article of Teenbook has all the answers.

‘My parents are separating’

Do you want to say no to someone but are worried that they might feel bad or hurt? Well, this article from TeenBook is for you to...

How do I say no?

Why does my friend behave like this? Confused? TeenBook is here to help.

‘Why does she treat me like this?’

Is it infatuation or is it love? Confused? Read this article by TeenBook to get the answer.

What  is infatuation?

Do you have a huge crush on a cute guy in my class.? How can you approach him? Ask Disha on Teenbook.

How can I make my crush like me?

You shared your secrets with your best friend while trusting her and now she has revealed it to everyone. What should you do? Teenbook...

My bff told my secrets to everyone!

Someone makes friends with you and you both are in a good relationship. Later you realise that it was all a dare for him. It hurts....

‘I felt foolish!’

Who is a therapist? Why do people need to see a therapist? Do you have these questions on mind? Teenbook is here to help.

Why does he go to a therapist?

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