Deal with Issues

Do you get tempted to try everything new? Like drugs? Do you think that trying one time is no harm? You are wrong to believe this...

What’s the harm in trying once?

Are you addicted to using filters for your stories and pictures and feel that you do not look good without them? Then this TeenBook...

‘I am addicted to filters!’

Do you sometimes behave in an irrational way and realise that this is not your best behaviour? You were just being so moody? What...

My mood swings made me do it?

It’s really ok to feel sad, depressed and rejected. But how to handle it and stay unaffected? TeenBook is here to help.

It’s ok not to be okay!

Are your friends bragging about beer for a while now and you are curious and wants to try one? Do you know why this is not such a...

Why can’t I have a beer?

That’s puzzling’ is our confusion corner. Sounds familiar. It would to most of us. This is the corner where we shares stories about...

Why can’t I punch him back!

Do people call you Tomboy because you have short hair and wear sweatshirts? We have a similar story. TeenBook is here to help.

‘I choose comfort over style’

Should I just shave my legs and arms? Do you also have these questions on mind? Read this article on TeenBook.

Should I shave my legs Disha?

Why are boys treated different than girls? Why do girls have to do all the household work and also not allowed for a night stay while...

Why should boys have all the fun?

Are you scared that saying no to drinking alcohol will make you uncool? Do not fear, read this article by Teenbook.

‘I felt so uncool but ...’

PUBG was banned in India! But while teenagers mourn, parents are cheering! Teenbook here to help.

PUBG wars: Parents Vs Teens!

Are you always feeling stressed and under pressure to post of social media because your friends are? How to handle this situation?...

‘I just deactivated my Insta’

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