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Yes, you read that right. Male teachers in Spain wearing skirts to school? Don’t believe us? Well, check out the picture for proof....

Male teachers wearing skirts?

The pandemic has kept us all indoors and the situation is not getting much better. If you are feeling helpless or feeling that you...

How to be a local Superhero!

Greed is the root of all evils! Never open any links without checking their authenticity. Usually, unsafe links are hidden behind...

You have been fooled!

It’s really ok to feel sad, depressed and rejected. But how to handle it and stay unaffected? TeenBook is here to help.

It’s ok not to be okay!

What are memes? Who started them? This article of TeenBook will help you understand it.

Say it with a meme!

It’s that time of the year when exams, and even board exams, are round the corner. TeenBook spoke to a few teens to understand how...

‘The most blessed and useless batch ever’

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What are the top words of 2020?

In the week’s edition of “In The News” Shreya tells us way out of strict rules; about the disappearing rock and also who is the best...

Who’s the best teacher in the world?

Exciting news about PubG, Kaavan elephant and much more happening around the world and in India.

Kaavan leaves, PubG returns!

Have you played the online game Among Us? Why is it so popular with teens? Read about it and other topics in this TeenBook article....

‘Among Us’ anyone?

Have you seen the new documentary movie - “The social dilemma” on Netflix? Check out the review on TeenBook.

All about ‘The Social Dilemma’

PUBG was banned in India! But while teenagers mourn, parents are cheering! Teenbook here to help.

PUBG wars: Parents Vs Teens!

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