Male teachers wearing skirts?

By: Shreya Mishra

Yes, you read that right. Male teachers in Spain wearing skirts to school? Don’t believe us? Well, check out the picture for proof. But what’s the story behind it? What exactly happened? Why is everyone talking about it? We cover it in this edition of In The News.

Photo: Twitter

Pink and paints - not for boys? 

Men often get taunted for wearing pink coloured clothes. Take apna Karan Johar from Bollywood who always gets called out various names for being “feminine” or “flashy” clothes. 

“Gully Boy” actor Ranveer Singh is always in news too for wearing “pink, flashy, over the top clothes”, right? 

Forget about the famous people, imagine one of our boys at home found wearing nail paint! Oh what hell breaks loose among Aunties and Uncles and all the gyaan he and his parents would get about not being raised boy enough!

And if you were wondering if things like this happen because this is India, well, well, well. Very recently, American singer Zendaya was in the news for wearing a suit while South Korean band BTS’s singer Jimin has been made fun of for wearing corsets. 

And we all saw the hate Harry Styles got for wearing “feminine” clothes. All around the world, there has always been a certain unspoken judgement around what clothes are “appropriate” for what gender. 

Clothes have no gender

Same thing happened with 15-year-old student Mikel Gómez in Spain. The teenager was expelled and sent to a psychiatrist for wearing a skirt to school. A video by Gómez describing the incident was watched by a large number of people on social media. 

Not all heroes wear capes and these teachers from Spain just proved it right! To show their support for the teenager, two teachers Borja Velazquez and Manuel Ortega showed up wearing skirts to their schools. They also shared their photos on social media and their pictures went viral. 

“A school that educates with respect, diversity, co-education and tolerance,” said Velúquez on Twitter. “Dress how you want! We join the campaign #clotheshavenogender.”

As you can figure out from the name itself, the hashtag means that any person of any gender should be free to wear whatever type of clothes they want to wear. It should be about their comfort and choice and not how everyone else thinks they should or should not. 

Now this started a movement in Spain! The pictures and hashtags #LaRopaNoTieneGénero #ClothesHaveNoGender have gone viral on social media and have gained a lot of support and attention. Teachers all over the country have ditched their “masculine” pants and started wearing skirts to show their support to the movement. And if this isn’t the most wholesome news you’ve heard in a while, we don’t know what is!

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