All about ‘The Social Dilemma’

By: Shreya Mishra

Have you seen the new documentary movie - “The social dilemma” on Netflix? If you are using social media in any form, it sure is an eyeopener. Shreya shares her dilemma post the doc!

All about ‘The Social Dilemma’

Well, the title kinda says it all. The movie shows us the flip side of the social media world. The unseen and unknown. Yes, social media is magical in it’s own way but it also has a POWER that we didn’t know we gave them.

Honestly, when I heard about the movie I expected a boring documentary lecturing us on the excess use of social media but it actually got me glued to my seat and thinking. The fact that while on a social media platform (be it Gmail, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or even Snapchat) we are not the ones in control but mere puppets of the super computers on the other side of the screen actually blew my mind. 

And it was the people who have actually worked for the various apps and helped create these algorithms, that stated these facts. So there’s no question if it’s true or not. 

Every single thing we do while online, every click, every video we watch, every post we like is recorded and kept track of.

Ever had the feeling that as soon as you think of buying something, you actually end up seeing it’s ads on Instagram and Facebook? Well, it’s because THEY.KNOW.EVERYTHING. Basically, if it’s online, it’s on record. Simple as that. 

There were parts in the documentary about the social media algorithm which actually had me dumbstruck. And honestly these parts will always stay with me, even if it is in the back of my mind. The tiny ways they control us and keep us online for a longer period of time without us even realising is actually mind-boggling and if I may say so, damn impressive. 

For example, when you get a notification about somebody tagging you in a post or mentioning you in their story, have you ever wondered why the picture or story isn’t visible there itself. Wouldn’t it be easier that way? Got you thinking, didn’t it? 

Well, if it was there, how would you go on site and without realising waste hours of your time. Your time is their money after all. 

In the end, the various CEOs and business people, who have been associated with these apps in the past, had only advice to give. Advice to help take back control from Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

Here are a few that struck the chord: 

  • Don’t click on YouTube suggestions
  • Switch off all notifications
  • Delete unnecessary apps that you hardly use 
  • Only assign a particular amount of time to check social media

In short, use it as a source of entertainment and entertainment only. Don’t let it control or influence your life. The technology holds so much power over us already, don’t give it any more ;).

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