Science Lab

Science Lab

Welcome to Science Lab. At the lab, we are going to explore the science behind growing up. What causes our hair to grow, our voice to go hoarse, menstruation to begin or those intense emotions to surge? Curious? Dive right in!

Did you know that adolescence was first discovered by American psychologist G.Stanley Hall as a distinct phase of human growth. Let’s...

Who discovered adolescence?

Ever wondered why we make New Year resolutions? And more importantly how to keep them! TeenBook is here to help.

How to keep New Year resolutions?

Ever wondered what exactly happens inside our body when we feel good or happy? This TeenBook article will answer your questions.

What makes us happy?

Have you ever wondered why we LOVE junk food so much? Let’s read the science behind it! Teenbook is here to find it.

Why is junk food irresistible?

Ever wondered about that ball shaped object bobbing up and down in boys’ throats? It’s called Adam's apple. Why don’t girls have it?...

Why do boys have a ball in their throat!

Ever wondered what makes the topper of your school intelligent than others? How can someone stay calm in a situation when all you...

 What makes us smart?

Ever wondered why everyone who looks at you goes - oh you are a true copy of your mother/father! Well it’s because of something called...

What makes you unique!

Understand how growth hormones - Testosterone and Estrogen - impact you especially during puberty, adolescence and teenage.

Growth hormones: All you need to know

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