PUBG wars: Parents Vs Teens!

By: Sanya Ghai

Winner winner, chicken dinner! Rings a bell? Well, it's been a while since teens have seen this flash on their screens. Sob, sob PUBG was banned in India! But while teenagers mourn, parents are cheering! Sanya, a teen gaming fan, wonders if there could ever be a middle ground in this battle of the generations!

PUBG wars: Parents Vs Teens!

A chicken fan 

Player Unkonwn’s Battlegrounds, popularly known as PUBG [RIP now :( ] is an online animated battle royal game. Many teens loved to pass their free time playing this game. This game also helped my friends and I take a break from the stress of studies and relax! The high quality animations and graphics made PUBG a preferred choice for many gamers.

The zeal in our eyes when we see the “winner winner, chicken dinner” slogan pop up, is the most satisfying and energizing motive behind playing his game. From playing with your friends to participating in online tournaments, PUBG was no less than a sport for its gamers! The adrenaline rush and the struggle to win that one game, is (or was) just incomparable! 

But on 2nd September 2020, the Indian government imposed a ban on this gaming app due to security concerns. And just like that “winner winner, chicken dinner” was now a lost cause! 

Alas! No more gliding to reach the landing spot or jumping from the plane to the most popular spots like Pockinki or Georgopol.  No more texting your friends to ask ‘Want to play PUBG?’ or ‘PUBG khelega/khelegi?’

In a situation like this gamers have no option other than turning to other gaming platforms. Call of Duty, Fortnite, Fall Guy, Among Us to name a few! But hey, I miss PUBG :-(

Relief for parents! 

However, the BAN is a relief for some (or most) parents. Why? A lot of parents feel that video games are a distraction from studies. As much as teenagers want to disagree, the games do become distracting; especially when played for long hours. 

Many kids also fail to schedule their time accordingly, thus hampering attention and participation in other activities. No doubt, the parents are so concerned!  

Many parents also feel that these games will make their children violent (as has been said in several case studies as well). 

However, there may be a few upsides too that parents mostly don’t realize especially how such games can help improve the analytical skills of teens. From hiding in the bushes to analyzing various ways of attacking an enemy, these games also help in improving concentration! 

The kind of music that gaming applications use in the background of their games, is also meant to increase the concentration of the gamers!

The middle (battle) ground!

So what’s the next step in this battle between gamers and their parents? With teens resorting to new online games, a middle ground has to be found by engaging parents and teens. 

Communication is the key! Two-way communication. Also known as a chat! They listen to you and in turn you too pay attention to what they have to say. Just like friends? 

Explaining the thrill to your parents about winning a PUBG match can be one way to make them like it! Likewise, parents can also express their worries concerning the distraction and other negative impacts of these games. This will enable both sides to bridge the generation gap and understand each other better.

With PUBG gone, take this time to talk to your parents. Who knows you can actually come to an agreement that’s a win-win. You get to play. They get you to concentrate on other stuff too. 

And who knows you might get chicken for dinner (vegetarians pls excuse!). 

The middle (battle) ground!

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