‘How I coped with my COVID quarantine’

By: Abhimanyu R

Everyone is afraid of the dreaded ‘C word’ and everyone is being told how not to get it, but Abhimanyu, a class 9 student, is here to tell you how to not fear it if you do get it. Here is how he coped with his quarantine - yep, straight from the horse’s mouth!

How I coped with my COVID quarantine(Image used for representation only. Person in the picture is a model.) 

The double whammy of the disease is the infection and the quarantine that comes with it. Not only will you have all your energy drained by the virus, but you’ll also get fed up of sitting in one place the whole day!

So my top mantra was, the happier your mind is, the happier your body will be, and the quicker it will heal! Obviously, do contact a doctor in case you are unwell. In no way am I offering medical guidance (If you do get the virus though, whatever you do, don’t self-medicate!) 

These are just some tips from my experience of how to cope when and if Covid comes visiting you. 

First up rest!

I am the boy who was never tired. My parents would have to beg me to stop talking and go to sleep. Now I am listening to my body and trying to rest as much as I can. Look at it this way - once school routine begins, these naps will be a luxury. Drink lots of fluids, try breathing exercises, and stay positive! 

When you are unwell, and especially if you have got the virus, resting is necessary, and to the people out there, who-like me- hate resting and staying in one place, it is a necessary evil. Remember that resting will only end your confinement quicker, and help your life get back to normal quicker. So the more you rest, the less time you’ll have to rest for. 

Be careful not to listen to the lectures you got from WhatsApp University! As reliable as these forwards may seem, for all you know, they might unknowingly hurt you. If you are anxious to see what might help you through this difficult time, please contact your doctor. Research about the virus if you want to, but don’t do more than a basic skim of the information, the more you see, the more you might be unnecessarily worrying yourself!

What else can you do? I’ve got a whole big list! Choose as per your liking and also convenience:

Drop everything and dream!

True, this sounds horribly boring on paper but dreams are really helpful! Resting is often a great time for both dreaming while you are awake (daydreaming) and dreaming while sleeping (dreaming), as you’ll probably be sleeping a lot too! Dreams are a great way to process your emotions, and what’s going on in your life. You will have a lot on your plate if you have got the virus, and dreams may help ease your mind.

Read a book!

Reading has always been a favourite pastime of mine, and books have been of great help for me. Even if you don’t enjoy reading, if you have a few favourites from way back, spend some time with them. Books have the most variety ever! You can read anything from classics by the likes of Roald Dahl or Rudyard Kipling, to new favourites, like books by Neil Gaiman or David Walliams, and even encyclopaedias for your favourite franchises! There is always a book for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Dive in, and get lost in a world of words!

Talk to friends and family!

Quarantining in one room of your house can be supremely torturous, knowing that the outside world is waiting for you, and that you have lost contact with even your family! Obviously you want to meet them, but you will also exercise restraint in doing so, for their safety. And so, though it may not feel the same, a video call may be great in lifting your spirits! It’s great fun for my brother and I to speak to each other (and of course, argue and bicker) over a hangouts call.

Play a long distance board game!

Board games are classic fun, and even a pandemic can’t defeat them. Though the fun might seem a bit adulterated, and you may have to take precautions like using separate dice, it is guaranteed that you will end the game in high spirits.

Watch that show!

It’s time to see that documentary/movie you have been meaning to, but other stuff (like exams) got in the way. Why not have a movie watching party with your friends (virtual, of course). You watch the same movie, laugh at the same jokes, and chat about the show.

Play some video games!

This is the time when your parents won’t mind! You can spend a short time playing video games. Maybe 30-45 minutes of play - and that will definitely cheer you up.

Abhimanyu R. is a writer, co-editor and co-publisher at the Paperless Press, a students-led news magazine dedicated to spreading positivity and uplifting news. Check it out at thepaperlesspress.net! This article was first published in the Paperless press. The original article was a two parter. Read the original articles here and here.

Play some video games!

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