Develop Personality

Everyone faces peer pressure about some or the other thing - sometimes it’s a PS4 or a smartphone that your classmate has but you...

How to handle peer pressure?

The pandemic has kept us all indoors and the situation is not getting much better. If you are feeling helpless or feeling that you...

How to be a local Superhero!

Are you feeling sad and depressed and hate your life? Don't worry, read this article from TeenBook for help.

I just hate my life!

‘The Hare and The Tortoise' story with a TeenBook twist!

Slow, steady wins the race?

Ever wondered what exactly happens inside our body when we feel good or happy? This TeenBook article will answer your questions.

What makes us happy?

Are you wondering why your life is so different than other? Read this article from Teenbook to find out what can you do to feel good....

'Why can’t my life be like other teens?'

Every Cinderella does not need a prince. All she needs is a dream and a heart that doesn’t give up! Presenting Cinderella with a TeenBook...

When Cinderella saved herself!

Your uncle touched you inappropriately and you feel stressed. Have you been avoiding talking to anyone about what happened to you?...

'What if they don’t believe me?'

Are you wondering that everyone in your class has a girlfriend and you do not? Is it a big deal? Teenbook is here to help.

'I don’t have a girlfriend!' :(

Being confined to the four walls of home for such a long time has not been easy. No friends, no play time, schools shut - all this...

Future of the country locked at home!

Who is a therapist? Why do people need to see a therapist? Do you have these questions on mind? Teenbook is here to help.

Why does he go to a therapist?

Have you heard the story of Kubri Kubja - whom Krishna turned into a beautiful woman? Now read this story with a Teenbook Twist!

When Kubja became confident!

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