Back to school: Butterflies and blank notebooks!

By: Shreya Mishra

In this edition of ‘In the News, we asked some students how they felt about going back to school, after staying home for months. Some are excited while others have butterflies in their tummies.

So excited

So excited

I am so excited that our schools will open for two days a week from March. I am so looking forward to seeing and meeting my friends. It’s almost been a year! But the problem is that we will not be allowed to sit together and will have to wear masks! Even sharing lunch won’t be allowed. We will not even have an assembly and our temperature will be taken when we enter school. It’s going to be a  very strange experience for me, yet I am looking forward to it and am excited about it! 

Aarna, 13, Gurgaon 

Mixed feelings 

Tbh, I had mixed feelings when I got to know that schools were actually going to open. I was thinking about finally getting back to normal, which we’ve all been craving for so long, but I was nervous at the same time. It felt like the first day of school after a long vacation or even the start of a new session because we were showing up with butterflies in our stomach and blank notebooks in our bag.

Shreya,18, Dehradun

Scary but safe

It was very scary at first when everyone around us was talking about the reopening of school. The Corona virus isn’t over, yet the schools are reopening. Seeing all the mayhem around us, I, at first, didn't feel like going to school at all. But after a little exposure to the outer world, and with so many safety measures taken by the school authorities, I gained the strength to go to school.

It has been a nice experience - the offline classes, the academic environment at school and the interaction between the teachers and students. It's nice to be back. It's nice to study in a school that is so careful about the health of its students.

Neha,17, Dehradun

Mixed feelings

The start of the new school year seems more overwhelming than ever before. I could observe the mixed feelings of excitement, joy and confusion of going to school in this hazardous pandemic. 

While it's not mandatory, when I went to school for the first day, it was really nice to meet my friend, teachers. Everyone was wearing masks. And it's nice to study in the classrooms after months.

Ahana,17, Roorkee 

Not such a good idea

When I got to know that my school was reopening, I was not happy at all. The Corona virus is still present among us and is very harmful to children too. Students of class 6 are still pretty young to properly understand that they have to maintain social distance to stay safe or prevent the spread of the virus. This can be very dangerous and give the virus a chance to spread.

Tanmay,13, Mussoorie 

Warm welcome

Personally, it has been a good experience to meet my classmates and teachers after a very long time. The year has been arduous for everyone and it was a warm feeling to see everyone doing well and safe. I must compliment the efforts of the school to maintain a clean environment for the students and teachers as well.

Rudra,15, Haridwar  

Warm welcome

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